This article is written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

BRCGS Food Safety Issue 83.7 Corrective and preventive actions
BRCGS Packaging Issue 63.6 Corrective and preventive action
BRCGS Agents & Brokers Issue 33.9 Corrective and preventive actions
BRCGS Storage & Distribution Issue 43.3 Corrective and preventive action
FSSC 22000 Version 5.1ISO 22000: 10.1 Nonconformity and corrective action
IFS Food Version 75.11 Corrective actions
SQF Edition 92.5.3 Corrective and preventative action


All actions must be owned by an accountable manager. Within we split accountability by topic and also by area. This means that it’s clear who must ensure completion of actions that are due to a particular topic – for system audits. Where actions arise from GMP inspections, then the accountable manager for that area is given accountability for action for the non-conformance.

Where there’s more than one location or unit covered, the main certified site must be:

  • Accountable and responsible for reviewing internal and external audit reports.
  • Accountable for the close-out of any associated non-conformances.

Scope of action

When a non-conformance is raised, not just the area or activity where the non-conformance has occurred should be considered for action, but also whether the non-conformance could occur elsewhere, to other products or procedures.

Defining and completing corrective and preventive actions

Appropriate action

Actions must be defined which are appropriate to the seriousness and frequency of the problems identified. Action must be carried out effectively by appropriately trained staff.

Due dates

The time it takes to complete an action must be appropriate to the significance of the non-conformance.

A rapid response would be required for serious non-conformances such as unsafe product, or where a number of non-conformances are received, suggesting a widespread problem.

Action must be completed as soon as practically possible after detecting the non-conformity.

The timescale for action must be recorded.


Actions must be assigned to a responsible person for completion.

Defining and completing corrective and preventive actions

The mini training ‘defining and completing corrective actions’ teaches those who are accountable and responsible for completing actions, the steps required for compliance to the standard.

It teaches the process used by which ensures that the required evidence is gathered, to allow the verifier to assess the action at the next step.

Become a ninja when defining and completing corrective and preventive actions!

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Continuous improvement mini training

Defining and completing corrective and preventive actions

This eLearning course will teach you how to define the action that must be taken when a non-conformance is received and then the key aspects of completion, ready for verification.

This course explains the roles of accountable manager and responsible person and divides up the 7-steps of completing corrective and preventive actions between them. This means it’s clear who is accountable for each non-conformance that’s raised.

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