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Time-saving internal audit software specifically designed for business’ in the food industry; manufacturers of food and food packaging, storage and distribution hubs, agents and brokers.

What makes different?

Compliant at every level

The internal audit, GMP inspection and non-conformance action process are compliant with all GFSI recognised schemes and customer standards.

Ready to rock!

Unlike many of the internal audit software available, comes preloaded with food industry specific internal audits and GMP inspections, which are compliant to the standards of your choice.

Supported by industry experts

Updates to the standards are managed for you and incorporated into the audits and inspections where needed. also includes a glossary and live chat help.


Automatic dynamic risk assessment for internal audit frequency.

I already have an internal audit system,
so why do I need

There is a huge amount of time and admin involved in a compliant internal audit programme.

Scheduling of audits, reminding people to do the audits, communicating any non-conformances, chasing of the corrective and preventive actions to get them completed and then making sure that they’re all verified so that you can close out the non-conformance. automates this for you, allowing you to focus on improvements – knowing that compliance is being managed for you.

time consuming standards

How do the standards work?

The system comes with prepopulated audit templates, which are built to comply with GFSI standards.

You just select the standard that you want to audit to (food, packaging, storage and distribution or agents and brokers) and the system will build the right inspections and audits for you. GMP inspections

Does it do GMP inspections?

We’re currently working on adding GMP inspections.

Shortly you’ll be able to choose from a range of GMP inspections, so you can pick the ones that suit your business perfectly. There’s even an app so that you can carry out your inspections on the shop floor – without needing an internet connection.

Simple set up

Does it require a lot of set up?

No. The system guides you through set up, then once that’s done all you have to focus on is doing the inspections and audits and the system will help to take care of the rest.


Does it do non-conformances too?

Yes, the system will automatically email non-conformances to those who need to do them. ensures that the non-conformance action process is compliant, including uploading of evidence for verification.

Retailer standards

Does it include retailer codes of practice and standards?

When we launch Plan 4, it will include additional standards, get in touch for an up-to-date list of which ones are supported.


Will it handle my other non-conformances?

Yes, we appreciate non-conformances come from lots of different sources, so we’ve built the system so you can put all of them into it. That way, non-conformances from incidents, complaints, non-conforming product, testing, etc. are all automated, and the system will manage them for you. FAQ

Some frequently asked questions about

What about actions from management meetings or near miss? has a proactive action system for managing improvement actions. You can manually add tasks and actions, assign them and will manage the rest.

Do I still need to do my internal audit risk assessment?

No, will dynamically carry out a risk assessment for you every month. Where identifies a problem it will instigate the recovery programme. This will help you to correct the problem and then move you back into the typical 12-monthly audit frequency.

I’m a consultant, will it work for my clients?

Yes, this is a great way of being able to monitor your clients’ progress as they work through the close out of the audits that you’ve done for them. You’ll also be able to see how they’re getting on with GMP inspection and any trends in the non-conformances that are being raised.

What about root cause analysis?

Obviously, it can’t do the root cause analysis for you (although that would be really cool!) but it notifies the root cause analysis team when a non-conformance needs their attention. The team can then upload the root cause analysis evidence and trigger the preventive actions required.

Can I add in my own audits?

No – because you don’t need to. The team at Techni-K have done all the hard work for you. The inspections and audits have been built for you, using easy to understand questions, based on the standards you specify.

Does it include training?

Your auditors will still need a training certificate to be able to audit, but the software provides additional support. Important words and phrases used in the audit questions are explained, so that your auditors can constantly build on their understanding of the topic that they’re auditing. Giving you the very best and most robust audit possible.

Does it include other compliance standards such as ISO 14001 or ISO 45000?

Not at the moment, but it’s something we’re considering for the future.

How do I learn to use the system? has been built to be intuitive – so you need a minimal amount of training to use it. However, we also have a bank of awesome help guides and videos for you use too.


We take security seriously and are committed to ensuring your data is in safe hands. combines the best in data security, reliability and integrity, to bring a market-leading cloud-based solution for your internal audit programme.

You can trust us with your confidential data. Everything about is secure – data is stored in secure facilities, on secure servers and within secure applications, to keep it well…secure. boasts:

  • Encryption in transmission and at rest
  • Advanced permissions and data authorisation
  • Redundant UK data centres and rigorous failover processes
  • SSO (with SAML) and two-factor authentication – coming soon
secure internal audit software

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