This article is written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

BRCGS Food Safety Issue 83.7 Corrective and preventive actions
BRCGS Packaging Issue 63.6 Corrective and preventive action
BRCGS Agents & Brokers Issue 33.9 Corrective and preventive actions
BRCGS Storage & Distribution Issue 43.3 Corrective and preventive action
FSSC 22000 Version 5.1ISO 22000: 10.1 Nonconformity and corrective action
IFS Food Version 75.11 Corrective actions
SQF Edition 92.5.3 Corrective and preventative action

Verified before closing

Once a non-conformance action (corrective or preventive) is complete, it must be verified to ensure that it’s been actioned effectively – before it’s closed.

Action verifier

The action verifier must be impartial; therefore, they must not be accountable or responsible for completion of the action itself.

Action verification

The action verifier must check that the:

  • Scope of the action has considered other relevant locations, products or procedures.
  • Action has been taken within the agreed timescale.
  • Action is appropriate to correct the problem.
  • Action will prevent recurrence in the case of preventive actions.
  • Action is effective.


The action must be verified by checking the evidence that’s been provided. Where insufficient evidence is provided the action verifier must review the implementation of the action.

Close or reject

Where the action is verified as successfully complete, then it can be closed. The non-conformance action system manager must be notified, so that when all associated actions are verified as complete – the non-conformance can be closed.

If the action hasn’t been completed effectively, then it must be returned to the accountable manager for further action. Guidance must be provided as to what action must be taken.

Verifying corrective and preventive actions

The mini training ‘verifying corrective and preventive actions’ is the last in the series. It teaches those who are authorised to verify actions, what to look for and how to assess evidence before they can be finally closed. It explains how to determine if the action taken is appropriate.

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Verifying corrective and preventive actions

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The verifier is one of the most important roles in the non-conformance action process, as they are the gatekeeper – preventing insufficiently completed actions from being closed. The course explains how this must be completed and how the person carrying it out must be impartial.

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