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This mini training explains all you need to know to implement an effective Product Safety and Quality Culture plan at your site. The training meets the requirements of GFSI recognised schemes, so you can be confident you’ll pass your audit with ease.

This course is focused on just the subject of culture, it’s a detailed short course of about an hour. It comes with one of our famous lesson guides, which you can print and use as a practical workbook to implement your culture plan. There’s an optional test at the end of the course, if you’d like to receive a certificate.

This training has been designed to meet the following sections of the BRCGS Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
1.1.2 Culture1.1.2 Culture1.1.2 Culture1.1.2 Culture

About the training

This Product Safety and Quality Culture eLearning course will teach you everything you need to know about culture, so it’s ideal if you need to develop or help to implement a culture plan which meets the Standard.

Culture is a set of beliefs, attitudes and expectations found within a society of people. What you have inside your company is like a smaller version of this society, with a culture of its very own. Culture is like the bloodstream of the body. The departments are the organs, with the bloodstream flowing through each one. Culture affects every aspect of the body, and how it’s run. If the bloodstream or the culture, gets contaminated or becomes toxic, it can have a detrimental effect on the entire site and the staff who work there. This is why culture is so important and why it’s now is a key aspect to all food-related Standards.


Culture is a new subject

If you need to implement culture for the first time as it’s new to your Standard, this is the course for you. It explains what culture means and takes you through the process step by step.

5 simple steps

5 simple steps

Culture isn’t an easy subject to understand and that makes implementing culture a confusing process. We’ve simplified this for you, by creating 5 steps for you to follow, each with simple step-by-step instructions.

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  1. Beate Feistner – BAF-Unternehmensberatung

    I am impressed.

    You have done a very, very good job!

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