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Business Performance Reviews eLearning

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This business performance reviews eLearning course will teach you everything you need to know to carry out management reviews that will meet the requirements of the Standard, and drive real business growth.

This training has been designed to meet the following sections of the BRCGS Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
1.1.4 Senior management review meetings

1.1.5 Management of product safety, authenticity, legality and quality

1.1.3 Food safety and quality objectives

1.1.4 Senior management review

1.1.5 Management meetings

1.1.3 Setting objectives and targets

1.2.1 Review schedule

1.2.2 Review process

1.2.3 Documentation

1.2.4 Product safety alerts

1.1.4 Objectives

1.1.5 Reporting of issues

1.2.1 Review schedule

1.2.2 Review process

1.2.3 Meeting records

1.2.4 Operational meetings

About the training

This business performance review training will teach you how to carry out routine management reviews, to ensure that all staff are working towards meeting the overall business plan and objectives.

The course explains how to implement review meetings at different frequencies and levels within the business, can ensure that instructions are fed down to all staff and results are reporting back up to senior management.

Ultimately this means, that senior management will be able to set objectives which will drive the business forward; and then make sure that everyone within the business, knows their part in helping to make those objectives – reality.

Meeting schedule

Meeting schedule

A planned schedule of meetings is required, which covers all departments and levels within the business. This course explains how this can be achieved and how to ensure the links between them are clear and robust.

Management reviews

The aim of the management review is to ensure that the business plan and objectives are met. The schedule of meetings should ensure that daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews all wrap up into a successful end of year review.


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