Continuous improvement

Managing the non-conformance action system

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This eLearning course has been designed for staff who are going to manage the non-conformance action system. You’ll learn how to manage the key steps for the effective completion of non-conformances.

The course explains when non-conformances should be identified and how to then assess them for consequence. Where determined by the assessment, how corrective action must be applied in compliance with the standards.

It then goes on to explain when root cause analysis must be used and the key requirements for applying preventive action.

A compliant procedure and records are an essential part of managing the non-conformance action system, so this is covered in detail.

The course also explains how to define the roles and responsibilities to ensure that all the activities required are covered and then, to ensure that staff carrying out the activities are competent – the course teaches how to develop a training plan.

Ensuring that management review the non-conformance system, so the course details how performance reviews can be completed in the form of internal audits and KPIs.

This training has been designed to meet the following sections of the BRCGS Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
3.7 Corrective and preventive actions3.6 Corrective and preventive action3.9 Corrective and preventive actions3.3 Corrective and preventive action

We recommend that you complete the mini training ‘Understanding improvement and non-conformance actions‘ before taking any of the other courses in the corrective and preventive action series.

It provides the foundation of the basic understanding required for improvement and non-conformance actions. This allows additional learning to be overlayed, producing a gradual learning experience – preventing the learner from becoming overwhelmed.

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About the training

This course is a must for anyone who is accountable or responsible for managing the non-conformance action system.

The mini training – understanding improvement and non-conformance actions must be completed before doing this unit.

The course includes exercises and takes approx. 60 minutes without breaks.

The test is made up of 25 multiple-choice questions. 70% is required to pass and gain a certificate. The test is open book and retakes are free of charge.


Accountable managers

To ensure that it’s clear who is accountable for the completion of non-conformances, this course explains how to define accountability.

NC training

Competent team members

Training staff to complete the key activities is essential to ensuring that the system is compliant to the standards, therefore this is a key focus of this course.


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