Pack 8: Supplier Management eDocs

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The Standard requires supplier management of materials, traded materials, traded products, outsourced products and services. This is to ensure that the material or service provided doesn’t pose a risk to the finished product. A robust supplier management system needs to look at not just the supplier, but also the material or service itself and the inherent risks it may bring with it. Having a really clear purpose for management of suppliers, which has defined inputs and outputs of each stage of the risk assessment is essential.

Each material needs risk assessing before it can be approved. The pack provides you with a risk assessment process, which results in a risk rating that you can apply to your supplier risk assessment. The straightforward method make the complicated subject of material risk assessment – simple.

Once the risk assessment is complete, the next step is to approve each supplier.  Material approval isn’t a straightforward subject, so knowing what options you have to approve each material is confusing. The procedure in the pack provides you with a simple process for approving your materials. If you need to complete a supplier assessment questionniare or an audit of your supplier, templates are included for those too; for food, packaging, storage, distribution, labs, laundry suppliers and consultants.

Monitoring of suppliers is an aspect of the process that’s often overlooked. The system provided will ensure that suppliers are constantly reviewed and the results of the review, are fed back into the system, providing a continous loop of improvement.

Finally, the pack includes a completed severity risk assessment and 18 pages of completed material risk assessment. So you can use these for inspiration, or select and adapt them to suit your needs. Saving you loads of time.

The simplicity of this pack, will ensure that you have your suppliers in order in no time at all and you’ll breeze through your external audits. 

This pack has been written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
3.5 Supplier and raw material approval and performance monitoring (not or

4.16.6 Transport supplier approval

9.1 Approval and performance monitoring of manufacturers/packers of traded food products

5.4.4 & 9.3.3 Verification of materials with claims

3.7 Supplier approval and performance monitoring

3.10 Management of suppliers of services

4.3.2 Security verification of service suppliers

5.10.6 Transport supplier approval

7.1 Approval and performance monitoring of manufacturers/packers of traded packaging products

3.7.4 Traceability of low risk suppliers

4.1 Approval and performance monitoring of manufacturers/ packers of traded products

4.2 Management of suppliers of services

4.4.3 Claims

3.5 Purchasing

10.2.1 Supplier approval and performance monitoring (traded products)

10.3.1 Supplier approval and performance monitoring (traded products) (not

Written by the experts…

Raw material risk assessment

Materials risk assessment

Every material comes with inherent risks, this system provides a clear strategy for how they should be managed. Taking the intended purpose into account, the risks are managed through a combination of supplier controls, acceptance procedures and process controls.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment with meaning

Every risk assessment has a purpose as it needs inputs and outputs. The supplier management procedure clearly defines what these are and links them to the approval methods which are based on risk.

Updated goods in procedures for Issue 8

Supplier monitoring

This isn’t new, but recent updates have made it really clear what an important a role it plays. Management of suppliers is a continuous process and this system provides you with the structure for performance monitoring and review.


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