Pack 6: Contamination Control eDocs

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Contamination control is one of the most important prerequisite controls, to support the Product Safety Plan. It controls the risk of cross-contamination of physical, chemical and microbial contamination from equipment, tools and utilities used in product areas.

This pack includes a detailed procedure which explains how the allergen risk assessment will be carried out and how the allergen controls will be implemented. Carrying out an allergen risk assessment is a complicated task. However, the procedure, the risk assessment template and the instructions will walk you through the process, so you can be sure you’ll produce a detailed allergen risk assessment which will get you through any customer audit with ease. You’re also provided with detailed allergen controls, so all you need to do is identify which ones meet your needs, adapt and implement them.

The pack details chemical verification, approval, storage, spills and training. Plus, utilities in the form of gas, air and water are covered too.

A risk assessment for glass, brittle plastics and ceramics is needed. Again this pack provides you with detailed instructions on how to carry out the risk assessment, using a decision tree which will define the frequency of the conditional-based checks that are needed. Once you’ve defined what needs checking and when, you’re provided with the records you need so you can populate and implement them.

If your site packs into glass, brittle plastic or ceramic containers – this is covered too, to ensure that the risk of containers contaminating the product is controlled.

Finally, metal sharps for items like knives, wood control and other hazards are also included.

Updating and organising your contamination control systems, is just a few clicks away. Download, develop and implement today.

This pack has been written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
4.5 Utilities – water, ice, air and other gases

4.9 Chemical and physical product contamination control: raw material handling, preparation, processing, packing and storage areas

4.10 Foreign-body detection and removal equipment

5.3 Management of allergens

4.2.4 Glass windows

4.2.5 Protection of glass lighting units

4.3 Utilities

4.6.3 Wooden equipment

4.6.4 Notice boards

4.9 Product contamination control

5.9.7 Chemical control

5.10.3 Wooden pallets

Not applicable4.3.5 Chemicals

4.4.4 Potable water

6.1.5 Knives

6.2.4 Glass lights

7.4 Physical and chemical product contamination risk

7.7 Management of allergens

Written by the experts…

Metal sharps

This pack provides you with everything to identify, assess and check metal sharps on site which may pose a risk to the product.

allergen management

Allergen management

Included in this pack is an allergen management system, including allergen risk assessment method and typical allergen controls.

Glass checks

Glass and hard plastic checks

Risk assessment is needed to prioritise when these type of items need to be checked. This pack includes a risk assessment method and the templates you need for compliance.


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