Pack 5: Product Safety Plan eDocs

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An Act called The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed in the US in 2011 and brought into law by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This Act meant that all aspects of the food supply-chain in the US had to have a food safety hazard analysis and an associated plan (or HACCP as it’s known in Europe).

This means that if you want your product to be used, sold or consumed in the US, then you have to adhere to FMSA. And this is where the problem lies – as FSMA doesn’t recognise HACCP, Codex principles or CCPs (to some degree).

The effects of FSMA has changed the way that food safety hazard analysis is handled across the world. It’s changed the Standards that we work to, including BRCGS.

In order to produce a Product Safety Plan today; which meets the requirements of laws in the UK, EU, US, Codex principles and our customer’s Standards – we now need a new method of hazard analysis. This pack includes such a method developed by our very own Kassy Marsh – who is a specialist in compliance, HACCP and also a PCQI Lead Instructor. This pack makes a complicated subject simple and allows you to produce one Product Safety Plan, to meet all the legal requirements globally.

You’re provided with a simple set of terminology, which results in compliance of all the aspects of law. Which means you don’t need to have multiple copies of the same documentation, with the terms amended in each.

And because product safety controls and foreign body detection (such as metal detection) are such a key part of any Product Safety Plan, these are included in the pack too. The pack also goes into detail as to how to validate your Product Safety Control Points.

Download this pack and bring your Product Safety Plan bang up-to-date.

This pack has been written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
2 The food safety plan – HACCP

3.2.1 Secure settings Outsourced processor approval Container cleaning
4.3.1 Site map
4.3.3 Movement of personnel, raw materials, packaging, rework and waste Consistency of container cleaning Trending of breakages Foreign body assessment Rejection investigations Sieves and filters Magnets, Equipment specification Monitoring Rejection systems,, Documented procedures,,,,, Selection of method and frequency

6.1.3 – 6.1.6 Process monitoring of CCPs

2 Hazard and risk management

3.9.2 Hazard and risk analysis and subcontracted processes

4.5.1 – 4.5.5 Layout, product flow and segregation Biological control

2 Hazard and risk assessment2 Hazard and risk analysis

4.3.1 Map

4.3.2XD Layout

14.3 Review prior to undertaking new services

Written by the experts…

A simple 6-step process

With the CODEX and FSMA principles that we have to adhere to today, a simple process is needed, which complies with both.

This pack provides you with a straightforward 6-step process to work to, so you can be confident you’re compliant – no matter which standard you need to work to.



This pack has defined what hazards you need to consider. The severity assessment now includes an extra dimension where impact is assessed too, it brings into play brand reputation, integrity and media attention that need to be considered.


Foreign body control and detection

This pack provides you with everything that you need to implement an effective foreign body control and detection system including metal detection, X-ray, sieving and filtration.


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