Pack 1: Senior Management Commitment eDocs

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Documents for culture, whistleblowing, business planning, business performance reviews, managing resources and managing your certification standard for BRCGS section 1.

Management commitment is the first section in the BRCGS Standards, the reason why is no accident either. The senior management team need to lay the foundations for how the site will be run. The Standards recognise this, so the subjects included in this section ensure the site has a policy in place for the safety, quality, authenticity and legality of its products. To support the policy, and ensure its goals are realised, the senior management commitment section then ensures that objectives are set for the coming year and processes are put in place to measure and review these continually with a clear defined structure incorporating the organisational chart.

A recent addition to the Standards is the site culture plan, which is a requirement to ensure that employees within the business are aligned to the goals set by the senior management team to support its defined ‘personality.’ Employee behaviour is a key part of senior management commitment section so there’s also a process for reporting this where it has become misaligned with the site’s goals through a whistleblowing system.

This pack has everything you need to implement a robust and effective senior management system. The pack includes a completed Quality Policy, that you can adapt to suit your business. The procedure provides detailed controls to implement a culture plan, a whistleblowing system, a plan for setting SMART objectives, records to document reviews, a data tracker for monthly meetings and much more. Also included within the pack is a ready-to-use whistleblowing policy and associated record forms.

To ensure you understand what to do, once you’ve purchased the pack – we’ve included our detailed instruction manual that will walk you through how to adapt and amend it to suit your business.

Download your pack and take your first step toward a proactive leadership team with a united aim to drive compliance and improvement.

This pack has been written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8 (and Issue 9 draft)
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
1.1 Senior management commitment & continual improvement.

1.2  Organisational structure, responsibilities & management authority.

1.1 Senior management commitment & continual improvement.

1.2 Management review.

1.3 Organisational structure, responsibilities & management  authority.

1.1 Senior management commitment & continual improvement.

1.2 Organisational structure, responsibilities & management authority.

1.1 Senior management commitment & continual improvement.

1.2 Management review.

1.3 Organisational structure, responsibility & management  authority.

Written by the experts…

SMART Objectives

Senior management need to set clear objectives and communicate these to the employees of the business. This ensures that everyone is driving the business to improve and meet its targets. The pack guides the management team through the process of setting objectives to ensure they’re SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely).

The 5-step culture process

We’ve made culture super simple, by breaking it down into a 5-step process that’s easy to follow. You’re guided through each step, so you’ll find developing and implementing your culture plan – super easy. You’ll love how it makes sense of a complicated subject.



A simple and cost-effective whistleblowing system is included in this pack. It includes a whistleblowing policy and a form which will aid the documentation and investigation of any issues that are identified.


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