In this article we’ll look at what BRCGS START! is and whether it’s the right option for you.


This Standard has been designed as a stepping stone, to get new sites onto the full BRCGS Food Safety Standard.

BRCGS START! replaced the previous BRC Global Markets Standard.

Basic or Intermediate?

The BRCGS START! Standard is split into two levels – basic and intermediate. The idea being you can start with basic, then move to intermediate before progressing onto the full BRCGS Food Safety Standard.

Is it accepted by customers?

If your customer has asked you to provide them with a BRCGS certificate, then BRCGS START! won’t suffice. Unless – you agree this in advance with your customer, that START is just a interim position and that you’ll get to the full Stanard, within an agreed amount of time.

Which is better – SALSA or BRCGS START?

We would recommend SALSA – no question! We’ve gone through both Standards and compared them, clause by clause.

What we found is that SALSA in fact is of a higher Standard than BRCGS START, even the intermediate level. This is because BRCGS is written as a Global Standard and SALSA is a UK only Standard. In the UK we have high Standards, so we expect more and that’s why SALSA expects more.

So if you already have SALSA – moving to BRCGS START means you’ll be taking a step backwards.

And, if you’re thinking about doing BRCGS START! as a way of progressing to BRCGS then actually, implementing SALSA will mean you are better prepared to do BRCGS in the future.

Crazy we know – but true.

Is BRCGS START! popular?

No. Since it was published in 2018 less than 200 sites around the world have been certified. And in the UK (where BRCGS is most popular) there are less than 50.

Next steps

If you would like to go for BRCGS START! we have the documents you need. Our packs meet BRCGS Food Safety, so implementing them will mean you’re well on your way to achieving the full Standard.

We would recommend you start with Pack 1 Senior Management Commitment.

And if you’ve decided that SALSA Food is the right certificate for you, we have a pack for that as well. The SALSA Food eDoc Pack provides you with everything you need, including full instructions.

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