Distillery HACCP Documentation Pack for UK Legislation

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If you need to update or implement a Distillery HACCP for your business, then you’re in the right place!

We created our legislation standard distillery HACCP due to a growing need for specialised food safety compliance documentation when small producers of spirits started appearing a few years ago. If you didn’t know already – here at Techni-K we produce widely respected pioneering documentation that will impress anyone auditing your business. Our aim is to make your life as simple as possible using our expertise. We provide documentation that is 95% completed so you can get on with what you love – making spirits!

This documention pack covers the production of all spirits such as gin, rum, vodka, whiskey or anything else. It’s suitable for any size distillery, including craft and micro distilleries. Our distillery HACCP will give you the confidence that your business is compliant with legislation which will also give your customers confidence in your product and keep your local EHO really happy!

If you’re just starting out distilling, blending or rectifying your own spirits to sell commercially, by law you need to have a HACCP plan. It can seem daunting when you see how much detail and knowledge is required to put a HACCP together. Our Distillery HACCP has been designed to provide all the necessary documentation you need, so all you need to do is amend it to the specific processing of your product following our detailed guidelines using our step-by-step workbook.

We understand that you need support and help in the early stages of setting up your HACCP however small or large your production is. You can be assured that we understand the process so we can quickly answer your questions and help explain anything – we’ve worked closely with large, well known manufacturers of spirits so you’re in safe hands.

Our HACCP pack is fully downloadable so you can get started today.

We want you to succeed and know you can using our distillery HACCP pack. You are never on your own if you get stuck – help is only a call or email away and it’s completely FREE!

I have a HACCP already but now need to improve it…

If you have a HACCP plan in place but simply need to get a better one, our pack is the only choice if you want to save time and get the job done! If you’ve reviewed your current distillery HACCP, you may have hit a stumbling block in that your current documentation is not compliant with the local authority or your customer’s requirements or you may have changed the process. With our pack you will find it much easier and faster to implement our pack rather than try to fix the gaps in your current HACCP plan.

We supply step-by-step instructions in the form of a workbook that you can go through and sign off once you complete each action to update it. Our Distillery HACCP pack is fully downloadable so you open and edit the files then save & print them – whatever works best for you. The templates are all supplied in Microsoft Word format to make life easy for you.

Our expertise is highly regarded, we write HACCP plans for all of the food safety standards as well as more detailed customer codes of practice. Our packs are used by large manufacturers as well as smaller artizan producers, so you’re in safe hands using our products as we scale them according to the requirements.

2 reviews for Distillery HACCP Documentation Pack for UK Legislation

  1. Kassy Marsh

    Steve – The Old Curiosity Distillery – Edinburgh wrote:
    The pack was fantastic and much needed for a last minute fix. I have to say that in terms of cutting time, which I didn’t have, it was fantastic. Its pretty concise, although the company we needed to provide it for had their own formats that they wanted us to follow, but at least I could offer a fair bit of content to them through this. It is very simple to follow and adaptable if necessary. And yes, you are correct, there is nothing else like this out there for the industry. We are using this version as our own HACCP with a little adaptation but not much more work needed, which in an industry that is hard to get many answers about is great.

  2. Kassy Marsh

    David Manuel – Louisiana Spirits LLC – wrote:
    “All good – it suited our needs perfectly!”

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