Pack 7: New Product Development eDocs

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The very first step in the product life cycle is product development. The development process is crucial to ensuring that the product supplied is safe, legal, authentic and to the quality agreed with the customer. All of which is formally agreed with your suppliers and customers through the application of detailed specifications. After the development and launch of the product, the life cycle continues, which then means change control and management of obsolete items becomes key.

The procedure in the pack provides you with a detailed process for managing product development. Included is a five-step process which makes managing product development super easy; through the planning, feasibility, innovation, process development and launch stages. Aligned with the 5 steps is a workbook that you can use for each development project, which covers the tasks required for each aspect of the development process, ensuring you don’t miss anything out.

Packaging must follow a specific development process, to ensure that it’s safe, legal and meets the requirements of the customer. So, the procedure covers this process in detail too. The stage gate workbook includes checklist for artwork review and approval, so you don’t have to develop your own from scratch.

Plus, there’s no need to develop your own material, packaging or even process specifications, as the pack includes these templates. Saving you loads of time, so you can focus on populating them.

If you need to implement a detailed development process which will keep even your most keen customer’s happy – this awesome pack is ideal for you.

Please note the software image shown above for this product is for illustration purposes only, you don’t get any software included in the pack.

This pack has been written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
3.6 Specifications

5.1 Product design/development

5.2 Product labelling

5.5 Product packaging

9.2 Specifications (Traded products)

9.4 Product legality (traded products)

3.9.3 Outsourced and subcontracted processes specifications

3.4 Specifications

5.1 Product development

5.2 Graphic design and artwork control

7.2 Specifications (Traded products)

7.4 Product legality (traded products)

3.6 Specifications for products

4.5 Product legality and labelling

4.6 Product design/development


10B.4 Product design/development

10B.5 Specifications (Traded products)

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Stage-gate development process

The procedure and workbook are based on a five stage-gate development process; 1 – Planning, 2 – Feasibility, 3- Innovation, 4 – Process development and 5 – Launch. To pass to the next stage, a gate process ensures that all the tasks are complete and approved, so nothing gets missed or forgotten.

Legal labelling checks

Another key element of product development is making sure that labelling is legal in the country of sale. The roles for this also need to be clearly defined, so that all parties involved in the development process are aware of their responsibilities.

Artwork proof approval

One of the most common recalls is due to the wrong allergen information being printed on the pack. This process helps to ensure that the appropriate checks are completed when creating specifications, pack copy and then finally the artwork.


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