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Process control is a hugely important section. It’s the section that manages the main part of what you do every day – processing the product. This is the section where quality control sits. This is where you do the checks on the product, to make sure that it meets the customer’s specification. This is the part that, if you get it wrong, will cause customer and consumer complaints.

It’s typically a section that doesn’t get the focus that it deserves. Implementing this pack will change that – it gives you a really robust structure to determine what your process controls should be and implement a system which will ensure that non-conforming product doesn’t get sent to the customer.

Plus, it covers traceability, pack control, print control and of course – average weight quantity. This is our reader’s most popular topic on our website. This pack explains how to control average weights, average volume, minimum weight and volume, net weight, catch weight and also how to manage in-line checkweighers. It’s packed full of detail and makes this complicated subject really easy to understand and apply to your business.

When you download this pack, you’re one step closer to getting your product and process under control. You’ll be applying the quality and simplicity to your process control using the unique expertise you can expect from Techni-K.

This pack has been written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
3.9 Traceability

6.1 Control of operations

6.2 Labelling and pack control

6.3 Quantity – weight, volume and number control

3.11 Traceability

5.3 Packaging print control

5.4 Process control

5.6.1, 5.6.3, 5.6.5 process quality checks

5.6.9 Verification of automated inspection equipment

5.8.5 Issuing materials

3.7 Traceability (except 3.7.4)3.6 Traceability

7.2 product handling

10.5 Traceability (Traded products)

14.6 Inspection records

16 Quantity control inspection

Written by the experts…

Process control

Control of operations

Process control or quality control as it’s more typically called, is a commonly undervalued section of the Standard. You’ll probably be surprised to know, that this is the section where the management of your microbial controls sit in the BRCGS Food Safety Standard. Process settings, which include time and temperature (heat treatment) must be controlled using this section. All the equipment settings, processing methods and process specification requirements are in this section. The first step in implementing process control, is to carry out a risk assessment to determine what the controls should be – we provide you with a method to do this and then the templates you need to implement a really robust system, which will reduce complaints and impress your customers.



Having a clear process for traceability is key and the BRCGS Standards now expect the system to be comprehensively documented. This pack will help you to develop a procedure that explains how your traceability process works and will help you to ensure that you’ve covered all the relevant steps. Traceability testing is explained in detail and we simplify the confusing section about traceability tests for products with claims.

Right product, right pack

Right product, right pack

The number one reason for recall is when product is packed into the wrong packaging. This pack will provide you with the process and templates you need to ensure that the right checks are in place to minimise this risk.


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