Pack 13: Personnel eDocs

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Personnel are an essential aspect of the supply-chain. The Standard ensures control of personal hygiene, protective clothing, medical screening and laundry. However, knowing what level of control must be applied, isn’t easy.  

This pack has done the heavy work for you, by simplifying the required controls and grouping them by product areas; open food, open food contact packaging, open product (non-food contact) and enclosed product areas. That way, you can easily select the controls you need to apply, based on areas which suit your specific business. 

The system is based on risk assessments, so the procedure includes the risk assessments you need – for you to review, amend and adapt if you need to. Saving you time, as you don’t need to create your own risk assessments.  

Laundry is also covered in the procedure, so you’ll know which options are available to you and how to control them. Our instruction manual also provides loads of useful guidance on this topic – to help you decide.  

The self-care section brings together medical screening, return-to-work, plasters and medication. You’re provided with all the records you need, to make sure the system is applied correctly – so you can delegate it to the relevant departments and know it’s under control.  

Finally, looking after external personnel is included and the pack comes with sign-in records and hygiene rules which you can use at reception.  

p.s – we’ve sneaked a couple of great looking posters into the pack, to brighten up your personnel areas.  

Don’t struggle trying to work out what the Standard expects, implement this pack and feel confident you’re compliant.  

This pack has been written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
7.2 Personal hygiene: raw material handling, preparation, processing, packing and storage areas

7.3 Medical screening

7.4 Protective clothing: employees or visitors to production areas

6.2 Personal hygiene: raw materials handling, preparation, processing, packing and storage areas

6.4 Medical screening

6.5 Protective clothing


Not applicable6.2.3 Third party contractors

8.2 Personal hygiene

9.6 Protective clothing (Handling of open product)


Written by the experts…

Personal hygiene

Risk assessment is needed to establish what personal hygiene rules are required. This pack has done this for you, so you don’t have to develop your own risk assessments from scratch. It even defines the controls you need to implement. You don’t need to try to work out what’s needed, just read, and implement – and feel assured that you’ll be compliant.

Personal protective clothing

Personal protective clothing (PPC)

Another topic – another risk assessment! And yes, we’ve done this one for you too. We’ve made a complicated subject really straightforward. Just select the areas that suit your business and implement the controls that have been defined for you.

Medical screening

Medical screening

This pack includes all the controls you need to implement medical screening, including illness reporting, return-to-work, pre-employment and health questionnaires. Plasters are included too, so you’ll know what type of plasters you need, how to control them and how to verify them if they’re metal detectable.


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