Pack 10: Maintenance eDocs

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An effective maintenance system ensures that the product is safe and consistent. It also reduces the likelihood of breakdown which minimises the impact on customer orders. This section of the standard looks at equipment, general maintenance controls, planned preventive maintenance (PPM) and change control. 

This pack brings together all the engineering related subjects into one procedure, which means it’s perfectly designed so that the engineering function can adopt it and own it. The procedure has been written with engineers in mind, so the unnecessary technical terms have been replaced with plain English.  

The equipment section of the procedure covers design, positioning and commissioning of new equipment. And where materials come into contact with the product, it explains how these materials should be assessed before use and the necessary certifications filed ready for audit 

The maintenance section of the procedure details the controls that must be applied for calibration tasks, temporary repairs and structures and managing the engineering workshop including chemicals and tools. 

Ensuring there is an effective hand-back process in place is always a sensitive subject. This pack will take the pain out of the discussion as you’ll be provided with the instructions and record to use. 

A risk assessment is provided for development of your planned preventive maintenance system (PPM) and the procedure clearly defines the differences and applications for risk-based and condition-based monitoring.  

Finally, (and most importantly we feel) you’re provided with a change control system. This will ensure that before any engineering changes take place, which will affect the product, the proposed change will be highlighted, reviewed and agreed before it’s implemented.  

Provide your engineering department with the tools they need, to take accountability of the compliance of their maintenance systems. Allowing you to focus on other areas which need your attention.   

This pack has been written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
4.6 Equipment

4.7 Maintenance

4.6 Equipment

4.7 Maintenance

Not applicable.6.1 Equipment

6.2 Maintenance

Written by the experts…

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM)

Maintenance of current and new equipment must be managed through one or a combination of planned serviced-based tasks and condition-based monitoring. This pack identifies the key steps in a PPM system and provides the documentation you need, not only for compliance to the requirements but also to keep everything well-documented and easy to manage.

Hand-back procedure

Hand-back procedure

The hand-back procedure and records must ensure that engineering equipment, tools and parts are removed and there’s formal acceptance before restart. This pack includes a hand-back record for you to adapt and implement.

Product contact certificate

Product contact certification

Equipment which is in direct contact with food or food contact packaging must be suitable for food contact use and meet legal requirements, to prevent product contamination. The pack explains how this must be achieved.


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