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Plan 1 – Non-conformance and action management launches later this month, with plans 2, 3 and 4 later on this year.

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You may remember some time ago after Covid hit, we wrote an article about ‘our dream’ of what the future of technical could look like. The heart of this philosophy was that if we focused on internal auditing, the internal audits would look after everything else.

Which is why we embarked on a project develop a piece of internal audit software, to build a foundation for this dream.

We think is pretty smart and it’s definitely one-of-a-kind. And here’s why it’s going to change the future of internal auditing. - internal auditor software for the food industry

1. Combined audits that are always up-to-date

Every 3 years, or thereabouts – the BRCGS Standard is updated. This means that at every site, the internal auditing systems have to be updated. If you produce product for customers who have their own standards, then you have to include their requirements. And then, when these are updated, your internal audit systems have to be updated again. Typically, this requires very complex spreadsheets, where you try to keep all the requirements together and up-to-date. Or it means multiple audits – one for each Standard, which then means a great deal of repetition.

Create a non-conformance

With this problem, literally goes away!

Our system is built with the BRCGS (soon to be all GFSI) Standards at its core. Which we keep up-to-date for you. And, if you have additional Standards, you can overlay these too. And, will keep these up-to-date for you too.

The core Standard you’ve selected, plus any additional ones are then combined into one set of audits. Meaning you only have to audit everything once.

We’re working on the additional GFSI Standards at the moment and will be adding more and more, as time goes by. Please enquire to see if the Standard you want is available, and if it’s not we can add it to our list of Standards to add.

2. Robust internal audits mean great external audit grades

To ensure that non-conformances aren’t picked up on external audits, the internal audits have to be really robust. This means that internal auditors need to be really good at what they do and understand the subject that they’re auditing really well too. provides a glossary, so that auditors can learn about words, terms or phrases they don’t understand. And if they need more detail, or a more thorough understanding – there is a second level of glossary, to help them. This provides internal auditors with ongoing training and development, so that they can produce really robust audits. glossary

Although the audit proformas in are made up of easy to understand questions, we know that they provide really detailed audits – as the sites we’ve worked with to test the software, have told us “They are more thorough than our current audits”. This means that more non-conformances are picked up, meaning there are less to pick up on external audits.

3. Automation reduces the admin burden

Our software can really reduce the amount of admin needed to manage an internal audit programme. Once set up, will schedule audits, notify and remind auditors of the audits they need to do, send non-conformances to those who are accountable for them, generate KPI reports and even carry out your internal audit risk assessment.

Less manual intervention means that things don’t get forgotten, the schedule doesn’t get behind and non-conformances get completed.

Meaning less stress and more time to do the day job.

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6 thoughts on “3 reasons why is going to revolutionise internal audits

  1. Hi Kassy,

    I’ve had my eye on the for a while as I think it could be a really useful tool for our business to improve how we audit and I’m really interested in running a trial of the system when it is back up and running. I was just wondering if there is any updates on when this will be back?



    1. Hi Lea,
      That’s great to hear! I’m happy to confirm that we’ve just today agreed the timeplan for the relaunch. The first phase will be back (all being well) February 2022.
      We’ll be putting the details of the relaunch plan together and then we’ll update you. 🙂

    1. Hi Martin,
      We’re hoping it’ll be the first week in March for the NC and action system. July for GMPs and September for the full system audits.
      We’re just carrying out testing of the NC and action system and hopefully will be able to confirm exact dates next week.

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