BRCGS service fees to increase from 1st August 2022

BRCGS have announced their annual service fee increase. From 1st August the fee will increase from £625 to £725.

BRCGS fee increase 2022

Why the increase?

This year a clear reason for the increase hasn’t been provided, but it’s generally due to the “Investment in the programmes continues with several new hires and roles being created in 2021.”

This includes the service package that’s provided – BRCGS have created a handout on the services.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think of this years increase? Do you think the BRCGS certification is good value for money and service package is worth the 14% increase in fees?

Add your thoughts below.

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14 thoughts on “BRC service fee increase 2022

  1. The BRCGS audit duration is calculated by site size, staff numbers and HACCP studies with larger operations, in theory at least albeit not in practice, taking longer to complete. Why could the BRCGS not do something similar with their service charge so that smaller companies are not affected disproportionally to larger companies?

  2. Its all pretty much waffle and hyperbole.
    Customers just look at the grading, maybe the CAR also but not always.
    Sites don’t compare themselves to peers?
    The other “tools” that have been added give little value, BRCGS certification is a requirement of supply in most cases, I dont know any companies who think, “hey, I’ll pay for an additional audit I dont need just for the prestige”
    If we went to our customers with an arbitury price increase using similar reasoning I’m pretty sure of the response from the buyer.

    For example; we operate a small seasonal single product packhouse in South Africa which required BRC in order to supply a limited qty into the UK, The CB had increased the man hours from 2 to 2.5 days and the inclusive quote was close to £5K. (SGS) (Small packhouse on the farm and 3 coldstores, our own fruit, no CCPs on HACCP)
    We decided to forgo BRC as it wasnt cost effective. A well known South African retailer undertook thier own quite arduous but effective 1 day audit instead, for free. Thier “sister” company in the UK, accepted this audit and we ended up sending more product to the UK than before.

    While I understand brand protection and food safety are a pre requisite of supply, the cost of achieving this assurance is becoming an ever increasing financial and manpower burden in doing business

    1. Well done Philp on reviewing your situation and undertaking a meaningful audit for your business rather than the lip service that so often happens with BRC audits.

  3. There has been a substantial increase in fees in a relatively short period of time, because extra services are offered.

    Can you get an indication as to what percentage of BRC customers want these extra services (e.g. based on a short questionnaire)?

    If this is not an overwhelming majority (my guess is it might be a minority), perhaps we can request BRC to stop this development and revert back to the basic service package (since their customers don’t want it). Alternatively, BRC may consider to offer options: those who appreciate the extra services can opt for them and pay a higher fee, those who are happy with a basic package can opt for this and pay a lower fee.

  4. This is my opinion
    BRC for the horticultural grower who grows and packs his own produce, no processing, does not fit.

    We have to carry out tasks irrelevant to the product in order to gain certification.

    So we are employing people to carry out these tasks which have no relevance or impact on the product.

    Is this right? in this modern world is this really necessary?

    Most Horticultural products can be grown on an allotment and eaten almost immediately without 100 pieces of paper to comply

    Hope someone gets this

  5. As the BRC was meant to replace the costly retailer audits and yet I have in the last three months had 6 Retailer audits I can’t see how BRC can justify a huge fee increase above the rate of inflation. If the BRC audit did what it was supposed to do and stopped all the unnecessary and burdensome customer audits then I for one would pay three times the amount in fees and still be saving money but it doesn’t, so apart from the fact that all the retailers “require” us to have it what is the point of the BRC audit?

  6. My thoughts are that this is still the best food safety standard for the majority of food products on sale in the UK (certainly more focused than the vagueness of the FSSC 22000 / ISO 22000).

    Without this we would be dropped in a heart beat by customers. At the moment I don’t think we are asked to do anything which we shouldn’t be doing anyway – so no lip service from this perspective.

    However – is it worth the money? No.

    Do we use all the pointless extra’s on the websites etc – No.

    1. We are a food manufacturer who uses FSSC2200 and we have no issue with it.
      BRC is too prescriptive and does not take into account the size of operations or what is actually done.
      As previously states, BRC was supposed to remove any retailer audit or help with supplier approval for B2B but very few people accept the certificate for face value and he decrease in inspections / audit / customers questionnaires has not decreased.
      If I was to increase my prices like BRC does, I will be closed by now

  7. Good Morning – I cannot see what additional cost benefit we are getting for a 14% increase.
    BRCGS need to start review why over the past three years we have had a substantial increase for no additional benefit – as a business group we will see a cost increase overall of £1800 which has to be justified but put a few adverts out and no free training is not satisfactory.

  8. For interest – I recently undertook a cost analysis of six “5 STAR” rated CB’s, and the cost differential is significant, well worth a shop around!

  9. The crazy thing is that we pay for a BRCGS audit to appease our customers & then Tesco send in their own appointed auditors which we also have to pay for.

  10. As an Broker and Agent users BRC has become so prescriptive to CB that we were refused audit on sister branch (which is foreign office address for importing purposes after Brexit) and cannot find another to be able to do it when all is so simple. I agree with most comments that the cost is not justified…

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