senior management commitment

1. Senior management commitment

This topic includes; management commitment, culture, whistleblowing, quality policy, objectives, management review, organisational structure, responsibilities and authority.

2. Document management

2. Document management

This topic includes; document control, record completion, supplier agreements, contracts, customer focus, retention and maintenance.

3. Continuous improvement

3. Continuous improvement

This topic includes; internal audits, GMP inspections, corrective and preventive action, root cause analysis, non-conformances, complaints, returns and stock write off.

4. Contingency planning

4. Contingency planning

This topic includes; incident management, emergency situations, contingency planning, recalls, withdrawals and testing.

5. product safety plan

5. Product safety plan

This topic includes; HACCP, hazard analysis principles, product safety hazards (physical, microbial, allergenic, chemical and radiological).

6. Contamination control

6. Contamination control

This topic includes; allergen management, chemical control, glass and brittle materials, packing into glass, metal sharp control and wood control, contamination from gas, water and air.

7. product development

7. Product development

This topic includes; product development, specifications, artwork, legal labelling and packaging design.

8. Supplier management

8. Supplier management

This topic includes; material risk assessment, approval and monitoring of material suppliers and service suppliers

9. Testing

9. Testing and inspection

This topic includes; product inspection, testing, environmental monitoring, laboratory reports, laboratory management and calibration of measuring equipment.

10. Maintenance

10. Maintenance

This topic includes; planned preventive maintenance, conditional-based monitoring, tools, equipment, food contact equipment and food-grade certificates.

11 Product defence

11. Product defence

This topic includes; food fraud, packaging fraud, vulnerability assessment (VACCP), threat assessment (TACCP), product security and product defence.

12. training

12. Training and competency

This topic includes; induction training, basic food hygiene training, subject matter training and the management of training.

13. personnel

13. Personnel

This topic includes; personal hygiene, protective clothing, laundry, health screening, plaster control and the management of visitors and contractors.

14. site standards

14. Site standards

This topic includes; external standards, building fabrication and staff facilities.

15. risk based facilities

15. Risk-based facilities

This topic includes; high-risk, high-care and ambient high-care.

16. hygiene

16. Hygiene

This topic includes; the cleaning programme, CIP, pest management, waste control and surplus materials.

17. process control

17. Process control

This topic includes; process control, quantity control (minimum weight, average weight), start-up and changeover, traceability, print control (right product, right pack).

18. intake storage and distribution

18. Intake, storage and distribution

This topic includes; intake, storage, material handling, vehicle standards, vehicle management, loading, dispatch and distribution.