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Completing a GMP inspection

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This training is designed for:
GMP inspectors

This course provides learners with a good understanding of good manufacturing practices (GMP) and practical controls, so that they can carry out robust GMP inspections.

It covers all the typical GMP requirements that are needed to comply with the standards and explains them simply and visually, so that the learner can relate it easily to what they see on site.

You’ll learn key skills to use when carrying out GMP inspections, to improve the quality of the inspections.

The course includes our famous spot the non-conformance game, so that you can practice what you’ve learnt – ready to do the real thing!

Ask any techie what their number one problem is and 9 out of 10 times they’ll say GMP on the shop floor. With so many people working on the shop floor, it’s bound to be difficult to get everyone to do the same thing and get it right every time. That’s why GMP inspections are so important.

They’re also the businesses early warning system. Finding a problem at inspection level, means that it can be resolved before it causes a problem.

Staff who carry out GMP inspections can get ‘blind’ to what’s in front of them, as they see it every day. Or you if you use office staff to complete them, then they may not know what to look for.

This course provides the basis that every inspector needs, so that they understand what GMP is, what standard is expected and how to tackle the issue of becoming ‘blind’.

Effective GMP inspections will mean that there’s less risk of foreign bodies, reducing complaints and reducing the likelihood of the dreaded ‘sillies’ on external audit.

This training has been designed to meet the following sections of the standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 3
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
3.4.4 Documented inspections3.5.5 Hygiene and fabrication-based inspectionsn/a3.2.5 Documented inspections


FSSC 22000
Version 5.1
IFS Food
Version 7
SQF Food Manufacturing Edition 9
2.5.12 Site inspections5.2.1 Site and factory inspections2.5.4.3 GMP inspections

About the training

This mini training will teach you the basics of GMP, so that you know what to look for when completing GMP inspections.

The course includes exercises and takes approx. XX minutes without breaks.

On completion of the unit, there’s a test which is made up of 25 multiple-choice questions. 70% is required to pass each unit and a certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course. The test is open book and retakes are free of charge.

On completion of this course, it’s recommended that GMP inspectors go on to complete the mini training understanding improvement and non-conformance actions, and identifying conformance and non-conformance.

GMP Inspections

Good manufacturing practice (GMP)

This course provides an overview of GMP, to give a good basis of understanding so that the learner can go on to complete GMP inspections. It covers; people management, fabrication, equipment and tools, cleaning including clean as you go, pest management, product defence and non-conforming materials.

Practical controls

GMP covers the facility, the equipment, and the people the area to prevent contamination. However, practical controls must also be inspected to ensure that process control checks are completed, recorded and compliant to the procedure. This course ensures that inspectors check records to make sure that they’re legible and accurate.


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