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Why should we choose this course over the other options available?

We have tested all the major competitors courses (apart from one, who wouldn’t let us purchase it – which doesn’t say much about their confidence in their own course) and we believe our courses blow the competition out of the water! Our review explains why our courses are the best on the market.

Are the courses accepted by BRCGS and other similar certifications?

Yes, the courses have been designed to comply with the most up-to-date Standards.

Are the courses accredited?

No. Accreditation comes in two forms; qualification accreditation and endorsement by an industry body or other recognised group. We have purposefully decided not to go for either because:

  1. Qualification accreditation requires recognition by Ofqual and part of Ofqual’s conditions of recognitions is that your course has to be comparable to what is ready out there. The current offering is out of date and we wanted to provide the industry with training that was relevant for today.
  2. The second option is endorsement by companies such as CPD. Having been through this endorsement process (and passed) we found that the review of our course didn’t add any value. We believe you need to be an expert in the subject, in order to review it and accredit it, and in our opinion the companies that do this do not have the required expertise. For example, having a H&S body accredit a food safety course makes no sense at all.
  3. We know we have the required expertise. And we are confident in our courses. To the extent, that we do not need accreditation.

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