The training dashboard – Pre-sales questions

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How do I log onto the training dashboard?

The training dashboard is cloud-based, so you just go to and log in using the details we’ve provided.

How long does it take to set up a training dashboard for my business?

We can normally do this for you within 2 working days.

Do I need to use any specific software to run the training dashboard?

No. It’s cloud-based, so you just need to make sure that IT haven’t restricted access to the website which is

Can I put this course on the LMS that we use in our business?

No, we’re sorry but this isn’t possible for a number of very important reasons. To make the course interactive we have used a special piece of software and our training dashboard has had to be designed specifically so that it can cope with this type of software. Many other LMS systems cannot cope with this software. The other reason is due to the way in which the learner is tested. We have designed the training dashboard to make the test process really simple for the learner, while making sure that they are tested to each of the required learning outcomes. To do this, the system has been designed to do lots of complicated things in the background, using the thousands of questions that we’ve loaded onto it. Other LMS systems can’t do this.

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