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This is the intial screen you will see once you login as a business (or department) admin.

In this article we’ll run you through all the elements of the page.

The Business Dashboard

Business KPIs

You’ll see a set of figures that relate to your business account, these are:

Total number of learners added to your business.

The number of learners that have completed courses.

To complete
The number of learners yet to complete a course successfully.

Remaining credits
The number of credits you have left, currently one course is equal to a credit.

Sites and departments

This allows you to see all current sites and departments. You can also add a new department from the green ‘Add Department’ button.

Note: Sites can’t be managed from your dashboard – to add a new site to your business email:


This area shows all your current users and allows you to add new users (by clicking the add user button).

To allow you to refine your user list there are a number of filters plus a search.

Each user is shown in the users table, and for each user you can see:

  • Name
  • Course
  • Progress (including a link to view their certificate)
  • Next course date
  • Actions – allowing you to edit the user, reset their password or archive them

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