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Welcome to your tutorial on how to create and edit users within

From the home screen, navigate to ‘Users’ on the top menu.
Here you have two tabs – an ‘Overview’ and a ‘Create user’ tab.

The overview will provide you with a simple table showing you the users you have set up and what roles they’ve been assigned.

Let’s create a user, by clicking the ‘Create user’ tab.

Here you’re provided with a form to complete.

Let’s run through the roles before we fill it in.

All users will get the ‘Default user roles’, for ‘Proactive actions’ and ‘Non-conformance Actions’.

Then we have a general section, where you can give other users the role of system manager. This will give them permission to see everything within and they’ll have certain edit privileges too.

Then you have an ‘Accounts’ role. You can give this to your finance team if you wish, so that they can download invoices, or change payment details for example.
Next is the ‘Non-conformance action’ roles.

Here you can give a user the role of ‘Identifier’. This role allows users to create non-conformances. For example, you’ll need to give this role to your customer services team so that they can create non-conformances relating to complaints.

There’s then the ‘Root cause analysis’ role. This role must be given to all users who are going to be organising and recording root cause analysis. When root cause analysis is needed, everyone with this role will be notified by

The last of the non-conformance action roles is the ‘Verifier’. This role allows the user to verify and close out corrective and preventive actions, relating to a particular topic or GMP inspection area.

Next, is the ‘System audit’ roles.

For each system audit topic, you must assign an accountable manager. This user will automatically receive any non-conformances relating to this topic.

Then there’s the auditor, this role is given to users who can carry out system audits.

Then, you have the ‘GMP inspection’ roles.

Again, there must be an accountable manager for each GMP inspection area. You can assign that role here.

Staff who are going to be carrying out GMP inspections, will need the inspector role, by ticking here.

Right, let’s complete this for the role of accountable manager. This is the most senior person within the business, so they’re going to be accountable for any non-conformances which arise from Topic 1 Senior Management Commitment. Just add their name in here and their email. Then check the box for ‘Accountable manager’ under ‘System audits’. Then press save.

Let’s repeat that process for the verifier, who’s going to check any corrective or preventive actions which arise from non-conformances relating to Topic 1 Senior management commitment.

Each time you press save you’ll be directed back to the overview. You can now see both users with their roles defined.

Each time you create a new user, they will receive an email notification to let them know. This will include their password and a link for them to log in.
If you then want to edit a user’s profile, you can do that by clicking on their name.

You’ll see the ‘Edit user’ tab opens, and you can change any of their roles or their email address and then save.

Or, if you want to disable a user as they’ve left the business, you can do that simply by ticking this box.

You just need to repeat this process for each user you need.