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We don’t use the same colour coding as taught on the course – can this be changed?

No, but don’t worry, we’ve thought of this. As soon as the course starts, it explains to the learner that they are being inducted to a fictional site, not your site. This means that the learner understands that everything (down to colour coding) will not be exactly the same. We suggest providing the learner will a one page document showing the specific colour coding for your site, for cleaning and allergens.

Our company policy is to repeat every year – is this possible?

Yes definitely. And if the learner is confident enough they don’t need to do the course again, they can just do the test. Because the test is so comprehensive, the learner will only be able to pass it, if they really know enough to do so.

Are the courses available in any other languages?

No not at the moment. However, the course has been developed with language in mind. Plain language has been used wherever possible to aid understanding, when English isn’t the learner’s first language. The course also includes a glossary, so that the learner can look up the meaning of any words they don’t understand.

How long does the course take to complete?

We have provided an estimated time for completion of each course. However, the time will vary from person to person, as the course progresses at the speed of the learner.

Is there a time limit for the course?

No. The learner can complete the course at their own pace.

Do you have these courses in a classroom format?

No. We believe our eLearning courses are just as good, if not better than a classroom course – because the learning is tailored to the individual.

The course covers food safety to level 2 standard, but does the learner need to complete Level 2 HACCP as well?

No. This course is designed for operators, so we’ve included all the HACCP information that they need to know. The course is not designed for those who are developing and implementing a HACCP plan.

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