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Add user buttonTo create a new user in the training dashboard you need to click the ‘Add User’ button.

Business or department admins

Simply fill in all the fields on the Add user page. You will see that an email address is only required for business or department admins – this email address is where the weekly report email will get sent and must be unique.

The username field also needs to be unique – if you pick a username that already exists, the system will tell you and you will need to choose another.

Department admins

If you are adding a new department admin, it’s important you assign them the site/department they will be responsible for. You do this by selecting a the site and department from the dropdown boxes shown below:

Managing departments

Note: You can only assign departments that have already been created within you business dashboard.


On the add user page you need to ensure the ‘Full name’ field is exactly as you want it to appear on the training certificate.

Then give the new user a username – this must be typed in lower case letters, with no spaces.  If you pick a username that already exists, the system will tell you and you will need to choose another.

Make sure you select the role of ‘Member’ from the available roles.

Then give the new user a password.  We would recommend that you have a system for providing passwords for the first time to ensure that they are easy to remember.  Once the learner logs in, they will be able to amend it, to a password of their own choice.

You can add the users payroll number if you like, this is useful in identifying members if you have a number of employees with the same name.

Add a site and department – every user needs to be assigned to site and department within your business in order to take a course.

To assign a course to the learner, you must tick the box next to the course(s) you would like them to take.

We then recommend you click the ‘Create’ button. This adds the user to the system and then will allow you to modify some specifics of the course for the member as shown below:
Member - Modify course

Here, you have the option to apply a different retraining frequency for the individual learners.  You may want to do this for example, for CCP operators.

You also have the option here to request that the learner takes immediate re-training. This would typically be used, where the learner has already completed the course, but it has come to light that they need re-training (through an audit or due to a product issue for example).  In this instance, the learner would have already been set up, but you would come back into this screen, in order to tick the box to request immediate re-training.

Make sure you take a note of their username and password to pass on to them.

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