Recently we’ve been working on updating our documentation for the Personnel section the BRC Packaging Standard.  When we got to visitor sign in, we thought about creating our own Techni-K branded visitor sign in books.

But, when we looked into this, we realised how expensive they are! We also realised that it’s a very old fashioned way of signing in visitors and contractors – in today’s digital age.  And, that’s not us at all.

So, what’s the solution today?

Well, we thought we’d go and find out!  We got in touch with some of the providers of digital visitor sign in systems and asked them if we could take a look at their solutions and carry out a review of each one.

That way – you don’t need to go searching and reviewing them, you can just pick the one that suits you.

Unfortunately, out of the 3 suppliers we contacted, only one came back to us.  So, there’s your piece of review feedback regarding customer service.

If there any other suppliers out there, who would like us to review their products, we’d be happy to – and add your product to the review below.

BRC compliantYes – the system is totally configurable.  You can create your own questions, to suit the Standard you’re working to.
Easy to useReally intuitive, we could use it without any training – including the admin area where you set up the system and the questions.
Visitor badgesAfter visitor sign in, printing of badges is available with the Pro version.
Visitor sign inYou can have different questions for each and include training documents and hygiene rules sign off.
ContractorsProvide contractors with temporary cards or fobs once they’ve passed their induction on the system; set how long they can have them for and monitor who has them at any one time.
Employee sign inAvailable with Lite version, but using key fobs is Pro version.
NotificationsYou can set the system to send out automatic reports and emails, bespoke messages during the sign in and leaving process depending the user, and with the Pro version the system will email the host when their visitor arrives.
Reporting systemThe admin user can see who is on site at any time using the dashboard
Fire testAs the software is cloud-based anyone with access can see who is on site at any time, so you don’t need to take a written list outside with you.

Also records the date and results of each test for auditing purposes.

Can it be branded to your company?Yes
PriceFor companies with 51 or more staff:

Lite version: £12/month
Pro version: £24/month
Enterprise version: £36/month
Contractor document management version: £72/month

Things we like best
  1. How easy the system is to use.
  2. That you can upload PowerPoint presentations, which can be used for contractor inductions and then ask competency questions to show they’ve understood.
  3. The Pro version allows employees to sign in using a key fob, so it can also be used for employee fire registers.
Our recommendationGo for the Pro version – it gives you everything you need to manage sign in of visitors, contractors and employees and is great value for money.

But, if you want to use the system to hold and manage contractor documents, such as liability insurance certificates etc – you need the Contractor Document Management version.

Techni-K offerGet 12 months for the price of 10, using the following link: Special Offer


We hope you find this review useful.  If you have any questions about the products covered in this article, please add them below and we’ll answer them or include them in the review.

If you’d like any other products reviewing, please let us know on and we’ll do our best to do them for you.

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6 thoughts on “Visitor and contract sign in – the future

  1. That’s a really useful review with lots of detail to take the pain out of starting from scratch. Shame about the lack of engagement from other system providers. Great job Kassy & team as always!

  2. Fantastic, is there a demo and / or a free trial period say 1 month such that we can use it to market the product to our clients either in BRC or other stringent food safety certification schemes, kindly….

    1. Hi Philip, we’d be very happy to send you the demo to play with. The system is the real thing so should allow you to work out if it meets your requirements and we are on hand to guide and answer questions at any time.

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