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Do you need to update your SQF Internal Audit System, so that it meets all of the clauses of the SQF Food Safety & Quality Codes in Edition 8?

Look no further – our SQF Internal Audit  pack contains everything you need!  We’ve even combined with section 2.5.3 Corrective & Preventative Action, so you have the tools to close out any non-conformances that arise from your audits too!

The pack…

Written by the experts…

We’ve used our many, many years of auditing experience to develop an internal audit system which is not only best practice, but also easy to use.  

Your internal auditors don’t need to try to interpret the standard, because we’ve done that for you.  Each systems audit proforma contains a list of questions or elements that the auditor needs to check.  Also, we’ve even provided the auditor with guidance, so they know what to record for compliance for each item.

We’ve taken all the topics of the SFQ Edition 8 and split them into either practical elements that can be audited through GMPs, or as systems elements which are audited through the systems audits.  As a result, you’re not auditing the same thing twice.

Each audit question is also tagged with the original SQF Edition 8 clause reference, so if you need to – you can find the clause that it relates to.

If you’re auditing the Food Safety Code and the Quality Code, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve combined these in our pack and color-coded, so you can audit the code/s that you’re working to – to save time!

Within the pack you get a full set of systems audits and also GMP audits covering open product areas, enclosed product areas, canteen area and external areas.

To help you close out any non-conformances from your internal audits, the pack also includes an NCN record and also an NCN Log – so you can track progress.


What’s included…

Procedures for both 2.5.5 Internal Audit & Inspections and 2.5.3 Corrective & Preventative Action

A full set of systems audit proformas, covering all the topics of the SQF Food Safety & Quality Codes

In each audit, the clauses have been translated into audit questions, so you don’t need to interpret the standard.

The audit proformas also include guidance for the auditor, as to what they should document for compliance

GMP audit templates for open, enclosed product areas, the canteen and external areas

Non-conformance (NCN) record and also an NCN Log – to help you close out any NCN’s from the audits

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SQF Internal Audit

Priced at £290 plus VAT

Our guarantee…

We are confident you’ll be pleased with your SQF Internal Audit Pack & find it excellent value for money – if not, simply email us to get a full refund – we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.