We’ve developed a food safety consultancy program that provides many benefits for your site – Smart Client.

Smart Client has been created to give you complete peace of mind and the support you need on site if you’re working in a technical role, managing compliance to the food safety standards. 

Food Safety Consultancy

Smart Client was created in response to the growing need for quality consultancy and support combined with documentation and training. Smart Client is the best of everything we have to offer at Techni-K and it supports you for 12 months of the year.

Food Safety Consultancy

We understand that food safety consultancy can be expensive and can often be difficult in terms of finding the right person with really good experience and knowledge. Getting the right consultant can take time and the results can take even longer to produce when you need to be audit-ready and are not sure where to look.

Here at Techni-K, we’ve got a team of amazing consultants, selected by us who work throughout the UK and abroad visiting clients. The consultants that work for us are a team of really dedicated individuals who have a wealth of expertise and qualifications who can really make a difference to your site. Our food safety consultancy team will work with you on whatever you need to achieve – this could anything from compliance work to auditing, we can also send in another consultant from our team to do your pre-audit if our consultant has carried out your internal auditing – there are no limits for how we can help you!

food safety consultancy
Food Safety Consultancy
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What’s included in Smart Client?




Number of site visits




Remote support

4 hours

6 hours

8 hours

eLearning discount

20% off

20% off

20% off

BRC Documentation (worth over £1,960)




Technical information




Monthly membership fee (12 months min.)

£235 + vat*
(plus travel expenses)

£380 + vat*
(plus travel expenses)

£440 + vat*
(plus travel expenses)

* We’ve made payment for your food safety consultancy really easy to afford too, as payment is made by monthly direct debit.  Travel expenses for the visits when they occur are charged in addition to the monthly rate and are kept to a minimum as we allocate you a dedicated consultant closest to your site to keep costs down.

What documentation do I get?

We have a fantastic range of compliance documentation that’s always kept up to date with the latest Issue of the Standard. Our documentation is in use in many sites throughout the world and is best practice.

Our documentation is designed to save you time as we’ve already interpreted the Standards and put together our packs so that half the work is already done. When you combine this with your dedicated consultant, you’ll be amazed how quickly you will be audit-ready.

When you become a Smart Client, you get access to every documentation pack we have available for the Standard you’re working to, you just simply request what you need – your dedicated consultant will be able to quickly and efficiently work with you to get everything in place.

Our packs are also really easy to use, so you can get working on your documentation on your own too straight away, as its fully downloadable and can be sent over in a few minutes.

Our ranges of documentation are for BRC Food, BRC Agents & Brokers, BRC Packaging & BRC Storage & Distribution. Some of our packs are also GFSI compliant so you don’t need to be BRC accredited to join us.

What about training?

As a Smart Client, you get a massive 20% off all of our eLearning courses. We have a good range to choose from to get your staff on site trained up and working to best practice.

This year we developed Best Practice Internal Auditing, which is a really good way to get staff on site working with you on compliance. We also have Food Safety Level 2 eLearning that’s specific to industry and we are working on adding more in the coming year. At present we have Bakery, Dairy, Meat and Raw Fish manufacturing. We also have conversion course eLearning for BRC food and BRC packaging sites who need to convert to the latest Issue of the Standard.

Remote support?

If you need to pick up the phone or send an email to get some help, our program includes  remote support that you can use.

Your dedicated consultant can schedule a few hours in for you, to help get work done when not on site with you during a visit. This could be invaluable if you need something urgently. Our consultants are fully supported too back at base, so they have a team they can rely on too – whatever you need at short notice can be supported.

Keeping up-to-date…

As a Smart Client, when anything changes in your Standard, we’ll let you know about it. If anything needs to be updated, we’ll tell you what’s required.

What if I need more?

If the help you need exceeds the visits included in your agreement, no problem – our consultant will still work with you, you can just pay our discounted day rate of £380 plus vat and mileage expenses.

In terms of documentation and training, our expertise means that we can quickly put something together for you, although we don’t think there’s anything you’ll need as we’ve thought of pretty much everything already!

If you would like further information about our food safety consultancy Smart Client program, or would like to view the terms & conditions in detail, please get in touch so we can advise further.

Setup usually takes just 1 day, and we will put you in touch with your dedicated consultant so you can start organising the work you need and putting the documentation in place.

Call us 07955 211023 / email info@techni-k.co.uk

What our clients think of our food safety consultancy…

We asked our clients who work with our team of consultants what they thought of them. All of our clients were asked to rate their consultant for the following areas and everyone said that they were amazing or really good! These were: Timekeeping / Telephone Communication / Email Communication / Verbal Communication / Appearance  /Friendliness / Availability.

We then asked our clients: Our values as a business are to add value in everything we do, respect and treat others as we would want to be treated. Do the right thing, by putting morals before money and to act with integrity because we believe ignorance makes you complicit. Please rate how well you feel your consultant represents us in these values? Again, the results were amazing or really good for the following areas: Adding value / Treating others with respect / Putting morals before money / Acting with integrity.

We asked a range of questions relating to the knowledge and expertise provided, the support in achieving goals, how well they thought the consultant fitted in on site and the service provided. As you  may have guessed by now, the comments we received were pretty much one word answers! Amazing or really good!

We asked our clients if there was anything specific that they would like to add and the amount of really good comments we received, we could put into a book!  Here’s just a few comments:

“I obviously wasn’t expecting someone who was an expert in organic herbal Indian teas and food supplements, I needed a BRC expert and that’s what I got”

“Recommendations regarding auxiliary matters, such as specific lab tests or future improvements despite already achieved compliance.”

“Real benefit from advising what other businesses have done to be efficient – always confidentially.”

“Their knowledge within the food industry is great and I have no doubt in asking any questions knowing I will get the answer. ”

“I don’t usually give “amazing” feedback but the consultant was excellent with their communication both before our pre-audit, obviously during the audit but also afterwards when we had a few questions that had arisen.”

” Has extremely good knowledge regarding the storage & distribution standard. If there are any queries, will always check this and get back to us in a timely manner.”

“I’m really happy with the support and hard work put into the site. The skills and expertise of the consultant have contributed into moving the site forward and achieving the BRC grade AA* and getting the site TESCO approved.”

“A great communicator and quite hands on and has gained the respect of the whole site team.”