Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment Training

£125.00 (plus VAT)

Worth 5 credits on your training dashboard.

Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment Training – Course aims

Our vulnerability assessment course aims to provide:

  • Provide a good understanding of what food fraud is
  • Understand how to identify what to include in a vulnerability assessment
  • Establish how to carry out supply-chain mapping
  • How to complete a vulnerability assessment (and get it done by the end of the course)

Course details


The training is video based and can be completed by an individual learner, or it can be completed by the vulnerability team, as a group together.  Once purchased, the course videos can be watched as often as you like and at your own pace.

The videos are supported by printable lesson guides with notes pages, so you can write notes as you go along. Printable transcripts are also available, if you would like to read along.


Included in the vulnerability assessment course

  • Successful candidates will receive a certificate of achievement
  • Set of editable vulnerability templates to use
  • Printable lesson guides
  • Printable lesson transcripts
  • Teacher assistance function (for questions and answers)

The course covers:

  • Background to food fraud
  • The GFSI recognised schemes and their requirements
  • How to prepare for your vulnerability assessment
  • Scoping out known and plausible threats
  • Vulnerable product claims
  • Assessing the supply-chain for threats
  • Carrying out the impact and vulnerability assessment
  • Applying protection measures


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