Pack 12: Training & Competency eDocs

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This documentation pack provides you with everything you need to implement the training section of your management system.

Training is a fundamental aspect of all standards. Staff, agency staff, contractors and even visitors have to trained to a sufficient level to ensure that the product is protected.

This means that a base level of training has to be applied, which is generally known as an induction and equips the individual with the fundamental understanding and awareness of how to behave when working for a food related company.

The next level of training that must be given, ensure that staff are competent to complete tasks that are specific to their role. This is procedural training.

And then there’s subject matter training. Which can vary from an awareness level – right up to being a subject matter expert.

This means that training is a complicated yet crucial subject, which needs to be controlled and supported by a simple but effective system.

This pack has been written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 2
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
7.1 Training: raw material handling, preparation, processing, packing and storage areas.6.1 Training: raw material handling, preparation, processing, packing and storage areas.5.1 Training and competency8.1 Training and competency

Written by the experts…

Training programme

To produce a robust training programme, an assessment of every role is needed to establish what training is needed. A matrix of what training is needed for each role, in every department, for each member of staff is required. Once the matrix is built, it allows for planning of routine competency checks.

subject matter


Ensuring that staff have understood what they have been taught is essential. And competency assessments are one aspect of training that often gets missed. This system provides the detail that’s needed to apply competency.



The induction of new starters is the foundation of a good training programme. It should provide the learner with the basics they need to work unsupervised. This system provides all the key aspects that need to be covered in the first few weeks of a new starter joining the company.


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