Pack 18: Intake, Storage & Distribution eDocs

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This documentation pack provides you with everything you need to implement the goods in, storage, stock control, positive release, vehicle management and dispatch section of your management system.

This pack has been written to meet the following sections of the Standards:

Food Safety
Issue 8
Issue 6
Agents & Brokers
Issue 2
Storage & Distribution
Issue 4
5.4.4 & 9.3.3 Verification of materials with claims

4.15 Storage facilities

(except 14.6.4)


5.7 Product release


4.16 Dispatch and transport

(except 4.16.6)

5.8 Incoming goods

5.9 Storage of all materials and intermediate and finished products

(except 5.9.7)


5.10 Dispatch and transport

(except 5.10.4, 5.10.6)

4.7 Positive release7.1 Receipt of goods

4.3.3 Adequate storage facilities

7.3 Environmental control

7.5 Stock rotation

7.6 Product release

7.2 Product handling

5 Vehicle operating standards

5.1 Vehicle standards

5.2.4, 5.2.5, 5.2.6 Vehicle loads

5.3 Vehicle management

Written by the experts…

Intake checks

Intake checks

This pack includes all the intake systems you’ll need to ensure that materials and deliveries are checked before they’re accepted.



During storage, there must be systems in place for stock control, product handling and positive release. The procedure that’s included details all of the requirements clearly.



A major part of this pack cover vehicle management, vehicle checks, sealing the load and the dispatch paperwork needed.


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