BRC Packaging Risk Assessments Issue 6

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Our BRC Packaging Risk Assessments pack is designed to help you carry out the many risk assessments that are now required for the updated Standard for issue 6. Our easy-to-use pack will save you loads of time as we’ve already done most of the work for you. All you need to do is select what you need from it and amend it to suit you.

The BRC Packaging risk assessments for basic hygiene sites is suitable for:

  • Food non-contact packaging
  • Hygiene sensitive non-contact packaging
  • All other types of packaging that is not used for food or hygiene sensitive products

The BRC Packaging risk assessments for high hygiene sites is suitable for:

  • Food contact packaging
  • Hygiene sensitive contact packaging

There are 17 risk assessments in this pack.

Please note: this pack does not contain all the risk assessments required for issue 6, it only contains the risk assessments stated.  The other risk assessments are available as part of the other documentation packs that we provide.

Written by the experts…

We’ve used our many, many years of auditing experience to develop a set of BRC Packaging Issue 6 risk assessments which are not only best practice, but also easy to use.

We’ve covered all the risk assessments you’ll need. A massive 17 of them are in this pack, and all of the others sit in the other individual packs that we have developed for you, such as internal auditing, product defence, hazard analysis and many more.

The 17 BRC Packaging Issue 6 risk assessments in this pack are all provided as Word documents.


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