BRC Packaging Quality Management System (QMS)

£1,960.00 (plus VAT)


Do you need a BRC Packaging quality management system that’s perfectly aligned to issue 6?

We have the solution – our BRC Packaging quality management system pack contains everything you need!  So don’t need to create your own QMS from scratch – save loads of time by using our documents and amend them to suit your site.

The pack includes all of our issue 6 documentation packs including internal auditing, corrective and preventive action, senior management commitment, hazard analysis, calibration and much much more.

You get all of these packs (which are worth £1,960), plus all of the other documents to make up the full QMS – essentially for free!

There is a pack for basic hygiene sites and a pack for high hygiene, just pick the one that you need, download and get started.


Written by the experts…

We’ve used our many, many years of food manufacturing experience and combined it with our knowledge of food packaging production and artwork management, to provide you with a complete solution to meeting the BRC Packaging Standard.

The documentation is structured in exactly the same way as the BRC Packaging Standard, so when you’re being audited, you know just which procedure to show for compliance.

The pack includes a full set of internal audit proformas for you to use as well.  Again, these are aligned with the standard, but you don’t need interpret the clauses of the standard – we’ve done that for you.  Instead we’ve provided you with a list of things to check or questions to ask, so you just follow the guidance to complete your audit.


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