BRC Packaging Personnel Issue 6

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The BRC Packaging Personnel Section for sites has now been updated in Issue 6 to include changes that now require updates to procedures and further risk assessment.  We’ve created this pack to help you comply with the new requirements so you have everything you need.

For our BRC Packaging Issue 6 Personnel packs, we’ve used our knowledge of compliance and experience in the interpretation of the Standards to develop documentation that will save you loads of time.

There is a pack for basic and a pack for high hygiene, so just pick the right one for you and get going.

Written by the experts…

The updated Standard now needs more controls to be included in procedures and risk assessment of those controls. If you’re a basic hygiene site, this means there’s alot more work to carry out for compliance than ever before. If you’re a high hygiene site you now need to update procedures and add scope to your risk assessments of this section of the Standard.

Whatever type of product you produce on site, our packs ensure all of the compliance requirements are covered.

We’ve put together a risk assessment that covers all of these sections in one easy to follow record. The corresponding area of the standard is included and procedure reference for each related identified risk where it requires control is all done for you. We’ve also included the justifications if control is needed or not required.

Posters included

Our packs also contain posters that you can display on site for staff, visitors & contractors.

There’s one for entering the factory (in the high hygiene pack), so everyone can check and make sure they are wearing the correct PPE and there’s a poster for handwashing that you can display to make sure the procedure for personal hygiene on site is being correctly carried out.


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