BRC Packaging Internal Audit Issue 6

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Our BRC Packaging Issue 6 Internal Auditing packs are simple to use and have everything you need to comply with Section 3.5 for Internal Audit and Section 3.6 for Corrective and Preventive Action, including our Techni-K Smart Analysis methodology for root cause analysis.

There are two packs to choose from depending on what type of packaging your site is producing. Our high hygiene pack is for food contact or hygiene sensitive packaging and our basic hygiene pack is for non-food contact or secondary packaging.

Written by the experts…

We’ve used our expertise in compliance to provide internal audit proformas that cover every topic of the Standard for you to audit. We’ve made it easy for you, by interpreting the clauses so we’ve put each audit into a format that makes sense and helps you confirm compliance and non-compliance. We’ve gone one step further too, by advising what you need to record and confirm so this can be used by the auditor for guidance on evidencing each topic.

For corrective and preventive action, our Smart Analysis methodology for root cause analysis will help you learn how to identify root cause effectively. The pack you choose wouldn’t be complete without all of the other compliance documentation you need such as -record forms and procedures, plus a tracker spreadsheet that helps you organise your audits over the year.


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