BRC Packaging Gap Analysis Issue 6

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We’ve made implementing BRC Packaging Issue 6 really simple – our BRC Packaging Gap Analysis pack asks you all the right questions, to establish what gaps you need to fill to meet Issue 6.

You don’t need to go through the standard and work out what’s new and what you need to do about it – we’ve done that for you and put it into a really simple workbook to use.

All the requirements have been interpreted by us, using our expertise into easy to follow questions, that help you to build a plan of the work you need to do.

There’s a pack for basic and a pack for high hygiene sites, so you don’t have to work out which requirements you need to check.

Just download your BRC Packaging Gap Analysis for Issue 6 and get started today.

Written by the experts…

For our BRC Packaging Issue 6 Gap Analysis audits, we’ve used our many years of auditing experience to develop questions to help you update from Issue 5 with ease.

We’ve covered all the changes you’ll need, to be able to update your systems to comply with the new standard.


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