BRC Packaging Issue 6 Environmental Monitoring High Hygiene

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Our BRC Packaging Issue 6 Environmental Monitoring High Hygiene pack has been developed to meet the new requirements for 4.8.5 Environmental Monitoring (detailed in p558 position statement – additional clause on microbiological environmental monitoring) and section 5.6 Product Inspection, Testing & Measuring.

And, because both environmental monitoring and product inspection require a risk assessment, we thought it would be a good idea to combine them – to do two jobs in one. So, this pack also meets the requirements for product inspection as well.

We appreciate that if you’re a high hygiene site it’s alot to take in if you’re producing food contact packaging or hygiene sensitive contact packaging. Our pack is designed to make your micro risk assessment as simple as possible. We’ve made trending of the results really simple too.

The pack includes a procedure and a risk assessment, with full instructions on what to do.

To keep it easy and simple, the documents are in word and excel – so you don’t need to learn or install any software.

Just download and get started!

Written by the experts…

For our BRC Packaging Issue 6 Environmental Monitoring pack, we’ve used our many years of hazard analysis experience to develop an environmental monitoring and Product Inspection risk assessment which is not only best practice, but also easy to use.

The risk assessment included, determines the tests that you need to do (based on what risks there are) and also what frequency of testing you need to do for each test. Our severity risk assessment guidance sheet will help you keep your severity scoring consistent throughout, with many examples for Micro, Chemical, Physical, Allergenic, Radiological hazards as well as Product integrity, Legality and Quality hazards considered.


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