BRC Food Defence and Site Security Pack

£190.00 (plus VAT)

To meet BRC food defence for threat assessment in Issue 8, we’ve developed a pack which complies with section 4.2 Site Security & Food Defence.

The pack not only provides you with a procedure, which includes threat assessment methodology, plus templates – but we’ve even provided you with an example threat assessment too.

Just download and get started.

Written by the experts…

This BRC food defence pack has been written by Kassy Marsh, the author of Assessing Threat Vulnerability for Food Defence, so you can’t get more expert than that.

This pack provides you with a procedure for how to carry out the food defence threat assessment, plus the templates you’ll need to put it together.

And, in true Techni-K style, we’ve gone one step further and also provided you with an example completed threat assessment, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Just pick the threats that apply to you, adapt them to suit your site, add your own and off you go.


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