Technical Planner 2020

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As a first-time ever project in 2017, we decided to design and create a technical planner that was unique for our industry. In true Techni-K style, we didn’t think there was anything out there that met the needs of a techie, so we created it.  It went really well and we ended up not being able to provide enough copies to match the demand! Its back again this year in its 4th Edition in a really cool detective theme to tie in with the launch of our Best Practice Internal Auditing range of training products.

You even get to decide which technical planner design you prefer.



Developed by techies for techies...

Our planner is specifically tailored for Techies, its got loads of features you will enjoy using and what we think is missing from other planners and diaries available.

Don’t miss your opportunity this year to get our amazing planner, it’s the ultimate planner to get you organised in 2020 with a whopping 200 plus pages. An A4 planner packed full of features you will really appreciate especially working in a technical role.

If you didn’t get one last year, our regular content includes an audit planner, task list and bucket list for each month.  There’s a 2 page week-to-view so you’ve got plenty of room for your meetings, plus a notes page and a task list for each week. It’s truly built by techie’s, especially for techies!


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