SALSA Brewing HACCP Documentation Pack

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If you need to update or implement a robust Brewing HACCP for your brewery, then you’re in the right place!

This SALSA Brewing HACCP will give you the confidence that you have covered the SALSA requirements for your brewery which will also give your customers confidence in your products.

You won’t need to spend time putting together a methodology, a scoring system, drawing the process flow or documenting the hazard analysis – as we’ve done it all for you. All you need to do is check it against your process and make slight amendments were necessary.  We provide you with instructions to do this, plus we’re here to help you over the phone or by email, just in case you get stuck or just want to check things with us.

Our SALSA Brewing HACCP meets the SALSA standard and is proven to do really well in SALSA and customer audits. Our expertise is highly regarded, we write HACCP plans for all of the food safety standards as well as more detailed customer codes of practice. Our other HACCP documentation packs are used by large manufacturers as well as smaller artizan producers, so you’re in safe hands using our products as we scale them according to the requirements.

I have a HACCP already but now need one to comply with the SALSA Standard...

If you have been working at Legislation Standards and already have a HACCP plan in place but simply need to upgrade it for compliance to SALSA, our pack has the content required which provides the HACCP methodology and all associated records and documentationwhich meets SALSA Brewing HACCP requirements. This pack is designed to help you save time and get the job done. If you’ve reviewed your current HACCP, you may have hit a stumbling block in that your current plan doesn’t meet your needs – our pack is well structured and easy to follow so you will find it simple and faster to implement rather than try to fix the gaps in your current HACCP plan.

The Step by step workbook included, teaches you how to adapt and implement your SALSA Brewing HACCP. It’s designed to be used so you can work through the plan and sign off compliance activities once you complete each action to update it. The pack is fully downloadable so you open and edit the files then save them. The templates are all supplied in Microsoft Word format to make life easy for you.

Our work instruction document that’s included can also be used as a training tool for staff needing HACCP awareness. The Brewing HACCP System Record is completed for the processing and packing of ale and/or lager into glass bottles and, or barrels/ kegs.  Plus the processing of brewer’s yeast bi-product for reuse in the process.

1 review for SALSA Brewing HACCP Documentation Pack

  1. John Cussons (verified owner)

    Brilliant product. We used this as the basis of our SIBA FSQ audit and passed with flying colours. It was well set out and easy to follow and alter to make it fit our process. We have since made some adjustments but very happy with it. Team at Techni-K were very helpful with a few questions that we had. Highly recommend this to any small brewers out there. Don’t waste your time trying to develop from scratch

    • Kassy Marsh

      Thanks for your really great comments John, we’re so happy it helped you. We make our packs so that they are simple and straightforward to help you get it right for that all important audit, so we’re really glad to hear about your success. Good for you!

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