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Version 1.1. 30th Oct 2020

Version 1: 9th Oct 2020 (Not published as of 18th Oct)



Version 1.1 (NEW)

Corrections to spelling and grammar, no changes to the requirements.

Version 1

Protocol details regarding how the 1 in 3 unannounced audits will be managed.

Version 1.1: 24th August (published post 27th Aug)

Version 1: 12th August 2020



NEW: Version 1.1

Updated to widen the scope to include food products and therefore reference to the Food Safety Standard.

Version 1

Guidance on the manufacturing of CBD products (cannabis).

Version 1 13th July 2020



Version 1

Details on how to complete a BRCGS blended audit, which is part remote and part on site.

17th March 2020

(although it wasn’t published on 23rd April when we last looked)



NEW: Version 3

Clarifies that not all products require environmental monitoring based on risk.

Version 2

Clarifies that fully cooked crustaceans must be handled in a high risk area.  High care areas will be permitted until issue 9 is published, however, there must be robust and validated food safety controls in place to prevent pathogenic contamination of cooked products. Effective 3rd Sept 2019 (i.e. immediate effect)

From issue 9 all fully cooked crustacean products must be handled in high risk facilities.  Effective issue 9

Version 1

Provides clarity for minor and major non-conformances against the culture clause (1.1.2). Effective 1st June 2019

Also clarifies that a site will not get a non-conformance if they haven’t completed their one year review, because one year has not yet passed from the go live date of issue 8. Effective 1st June 2019

Clarifies that sites cannot change certification body if; they fail their audit (and therefore lose their certificate) or if they want to re-do their audit early to improve their grade (as the last audit was downgraded), unless agreed in writing with BRC prior to the audit.  Also, that if a site fails an audit, they can go to a new certitfication body if 6 months has passed with BRC agreement, as this is treated as a new audit. Effective 1st June 2019

Last reviewed 11th Feb 2021

All COVID-19 related position statements are now stored in one place: What are the options for BRCGS audit during COVID-19?

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5 thoughts on “Position Statements – BRC Food

  1. Hello Kassy, A director at the BRCGS advised me yesterday 29/10/2020 that I may want to raise with you an issue on your BRCGS079 Position Statement publication. They tell me “Not only is this not published until next week but this is an early draft and not the final document”. Just thought I should let you know.

    1. Hi Russell
      Thanks for letting me know, but it was BRCGS themselves that sent this directly to me. So, given that the document control says it’s published, I can only presume that it is published.

      1. No problem, let’s see what’s in the offical version next week and see if it is any different?
        You’ve got yourself a good contact at BRCGS, that’s why I couldn’t find it!

    1. No, not at this stage. BRCGS S&D Issue 4 has just been published and they’ve also issued the draft for BRCGS A&B Issue 3, with the publication being due August I think (from memory don’t quote me on that!). I would imagine the draft of Issue 9 would be August, but that’s only a guess.

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