Your next steps…

Because your result was ‘immediate action required’, your business has some serious work to do to improve the culture demonstrated by your management team.

Compliance to the standard is a team effort and although technical is responsible for the standard, the most senior person on site is accountable for it. This means that technical should ensure that as a business you’re compliant, but it’s down to the most senior manager to make sure it happens.

There’s a list of actions that need to be completed to improve the management’s commitment, but without the most senior manager supporting the idea – none of them will even happen.

Therefore, the first and most important action that needs to happen – is for you to get approval and buy in from the senior manager.

We can help

You may be thinking that all sounds great, but how do I get my senior manager to buy into this idea?

We can help you with that and together, we can develop an action plan to get the support of your senior manager. To request our help, please email Kassy at Your discussions with Kassy are confidential and she will work directly with you, to agree a plan that you’re comfortable with. The aim of this plan will be to ensure that the senior manager understands that they are accountable for compliance to the standard.

With the support of the senior manager

With the support of the most senior manager, the culture of management commitment within your business can be improved to:

  • Make sure that every member of the management team are committed to meeting the requirements of the standard.
  • Ensure the management team understand those requirements.
  • Develop and implement systems to ensure compliance happens every day.

This can be achieved by:

  1. The management team completing the senior management commitment super course.
  2. The team then developing an action plan, to implement what they’ve learnt on the course and agree the required meeting dates to complete the work.
  3. Updating your document management system – the senior management commitment eDocs will help to reduce the workload with this.

The transformation

Imagine working for a business where compliance to the standard is a team effort. Where the most senior manager within the business understands the value of technical and supports compliance.

Taking action to gain buy-in from your senior manager is the first step to achieving this and it’s totally possible with our help. Once you have buy-in, you can ensure that the management team completes the training. This will help to develop a culture where everyone on site works towards compliance and where completing the audit is a team effort.

Meaning that when an update to the BRCGS standard is published, the workload to ensure that your business is compliant is shared.

Take action now

Email Kassy now on and ask for help.