Your next steps…

Because your result was ‘needs improvement’, your business has some work to do to improve the culture demonstrated by your management team.

Compliance to the standard is a team effort and although technical is responsible for the standard, the most senior person on site is accountable for it. This means that technical should ensure that you’re compliant, but it’s down to the most senior manager to make sure it happens.

To improve the culture of management commitment within your business you need to:

  • Ensure that the senior manager understands that they’re accountable.
  • Make sure that every member of the management team are committed to meeting the requirements of the standard.
  • Ensure the management team understand those requirements.
  • Develop and implement systems to ensure compliance happens every day.

We appreciate that this isn’t easy. So, to achieve this, we would recommend the following action:

  1. Organise for each member of your management team to complete the senior management commitment super course.
  2. Organise a meeting for the management team to put together an action plan, to implement what they’ve learnt on the course and agree the required meeting dates to complete the work.
  3. Update your document management system – the senior management commitment eDocs will help to reduce the workload with this.

If you need help

We appreciate that you may come up against some resistance when trying to implement what we’ve suggested. Or you may feel that you’ve not got the time available to be able to do it.

If that’s the case we’re happy to help. Like we’ve said, compliance is a team effort so we’d be happy to help you persuade your management team that this is a good idea.

If we can help you to achieve this, the course will then teach the team how to meet the standard AND that complying with it is a team effort. Which will then mean that the workload for compliance will be shared.

If you would like our help to sell this into your management team, please do get in touch. Email Kassy directly on and she will develop a plan with you.

The transformation

Completing this course will ensure that each member of the team understands their specific responsibilities and how they relate to meeting the standard.

The course will also explain how information is fed into the business plan. This means that when a new version of BRCGS (or any certification standard) is published, or when your customers issue new requirements, there’s a set process which allows this new information to be fed into the management team and therefore – into the business plan, the objectives and the action plan. This means that any work required to achieve the new standard will be shared across the departments, rather than it just sitting with technical.