Your next steps…

Because you have a great culture of management commitment, you just need to ensure that:

  • Your systems meet the requirements.
  • You’re not duplicating work, to meet the standard – your business objectives and business plan should be the same thing.
  • The management team understands the requirements.

To achieve this, we would recommend:

  1. Complete the senior management commitment super course.
  2. Present your findings from the course, with any improvement requirements to the management team.
  3. Update your document management system in line with what you’ve learnt – the senior management commitment eDocs can help if you’ve got more than a few tweaks to make.

The transformation

Completing this course and relaying what you’ve learnt to the rest of the management team, including the senior manager, will ensure that each member of the team understands their specific responsibilities and how they relate to meeting the standard.

The course will also teach you how information is fed into the business plan. This means that when a new version of BRCGS (or any certification standard) is published, or when your customers issue new requirements, there’s a set process which allows this new information to be fed into the management team and therefore – into the business plan, the objectives and the action plan.

Need help – no problem!

If you’d like to discuss this or if you have any questions about senior management commitment, we’re happy to talk through these with you. To book a complimentary half-hour slot with Kassy, please email her at