You have to provide Food Safety training for your food handlers – so it’s safe for us to assume you have it in place. What we can’t assume though, is that you’re using a training solution that not only ticks the training box – but that it’s also adding value.

That’s why we want to let you know about the 3 other problems that our food safety and GMP training can solve for you – if you choose our courses.

1. Be audit ready, every day

We know that during an audit, it’s always the ‘silly’ non-conformances that sites worry about. Someone doing something ‘silly’ during the audit.

If operators followed the GMP rules every day, it would be less likely that these ‘sillies’ would happen. And doing things correctly, even when no one is looking, means that the operator needs to believe that doing it that way – is the right thing to do. Instilling this behaviour, means that the operator needs to understand why it should be done that way.

Teaching the ‘why’ is a key part of our Food Safety & GMP training for operators. When we teach ‘what’ must be done, we always explain ‘why’ and, the consequences of getting it wrong.

So, there should be less ‘audit day’ behaviour and more – ‘audit ready every day’ behaviour.

2. Culture action plan

Having a culture plan is a fairly new requirement. Doing your survey and establishing what sort of culture you have on site is step one. Step two – is putting together a culture action plan. But what actions do you put in place?

How about moving from your current Food Safety training to Techni-K Food Safety & GMP training for operators?

Our training will move your site culture forward in leaps and bounds!

The course itself explains what site culture is, and gives examples of what culture initiatives the operator may see on site. Culture is all about ensuring that personnel on site, behave in line with the required culture set by the business. When looking at food safety culture, this means that personnel need to understand how they impact food safety and how they should behave to make sure the product is safe.

But culture isn’t restricted to just food safety, it covers quality and also authenticity. The curriculum of the Techni-K course covers all these aspects and teaches the operator, not only what they should do – but also why they should do it. Which is the key, to developing a workforce who demonstrate the right cultural behaviours every day.

3. Awareness training for newer subjects

Typical food safety training, focuses just on food safety and doesn’t provide any practical explaination of how contamination must be prevented in product areas on site. Techni-K training is different. It’s focuses on the practical elements of food safety and also GMP, because this is what an operator does every day.

Because we teach GMP as well, it means that we educate the learner in a level of awareness of a range of subjects which are key to technical compliance standards today. This includes topics such as integrity claims for authenticity purposes, handling materials with claims such as species of meat or fish and varieties of produce, ensuring we get the right product in the right pack because of the allergen labelling implications, product defence, culture on site and whistleblowing.

Within GFSI recognised certification schemes and also customer codes of practice (COPs), there are many elements of operator awareness training and you can be assured that the Techni-K operator level training, covers them all!

So, don’t be satisfied with just ticking the food safety training box when providing operator training. Make sure the money you’re spending completing this training, is really working for you and adding value. Choose Techni-K and solve these 3 problems, plus many more.

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