BRC Incident, Recall & Withdrawal Pack

£80.00 (plus VAT)

This pack is designed to provide you with an incident system, to meet BRC section 3.11 Management of Incidents, Product Withdrawals and Product Recall and has been updated to meet BRC Issue 8 – so it now includes cyber crime.

The procedure provides processes for business issues due to failure of key services, natural disasters, malicious contamination as well as product incidents.

To keep it easy and simple, all documents are in word and excel.  We’re here to help you as you amend and implement your pack, so you’re not on your own if you have any problems or queries.


Written by the experts…

Nobody likes dealing with recalls and incidents, but we’ve used our many years of experience to develop an incident system which is not only best practice, but also easy to use.

The procedure details the requirements of the incident team, who should be on the team and their responsibilities.

The incident form guides the team through the process, helping to ensure that all the necessary information is recorded.

And when needed, the product incident flow chart assists those involved in the incident to help them communicate at the right time and consider the necessary steps.


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