Food Safety Training Dashboard

Manage your learning with ease…

Who is the dashboard designed for?

The training dashboard is designed for companies who have a number of learners who need to train on an ongoing basis.

How much does it cost?

The training dashboard is free of charge. You purchase the number of learner licenses you need (1 licence = 1 certificate), which you can then use within a set time frame depending on how often your training needs to be updated and refreshed.

Does it require installation?

No. The training dashboard is a cloud based system. You simply just log in through a webpage. Set up is very straight forward and we can normally get you going within the day!

Online Training Dashboard

What does it do?

There are two types of log in – a superuser (this may be the person responsible for training on your site) and the learner log in.

When you log in as the superuser, you have two main functions:

  1. You can assign the courses that you would like to use the licenses on and set the re-training frequency.
  2. You can set up learners and assign courses to them. This generates the learner a log in.

The learner then logs in and completes the course.

On completion of the course, both you and the learner have visibility of the certificate. Which is stored on the system, but can also be downloaded and printed.

As the superuser you also have visibility from one simple to use screen, all of your learners. You can see who has completed their course, who has failed the test and any overdue learners. All colour coded for ease of use.

Each week the system will also email a summary to the superuser, so this can be forwarded on to the relevant managers to chase overdue training or set up any refresher training.

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