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In this article I’m going to cover what options you have to carry out a culture survey at your site. I’m also going to do a round up of all the articles I’ve covered on the changes to section 1 management commitment, for BRC issue 8. Let’s cover the round up for section 1 management commitment first.

BRC Issue 8 changes to Management Commitment

There are 2 main changes in this section of the standard:

  1. Whistleblowing
  2. Culture


We covered whistleblowing in an article here: https://techni-k.co.uk/whistleblowing/


We covered culture in a number of articles, as follows:

What do the BRC mean by Food Safety Culture?: https://techni-k.co.uk/food-safety-culture

What is food safety and quality culture?: https://techni-k.co.uk/food-safety-quality-culture/

BRC’s solution to food safety culture – TSI Culture Excellence: https://techni-k.co.uk/culture-excellence/

Ok, let’s look at the options you have available to you to complete your culture survey, at your site.
There are 3 options open to you, if you want to go down the survey route:

  • Use the TSI Culture Excellence programme
  • Use the BRC food safety and quality culture programme
  • Develop your own programme

TSI Culture Excellence programme

The TSI Culture Excellence programme is like the Rolls Royce of food safety culture programmes…

When you join this programme, you get the use of the cloud-based software tool. TSI will work with you to develop your own bespoke survey which employees at all levels of your business will complete.

After completion, you can use the software to manipulate the data to be able to see what areas of culture your business is lacking in. You then have to put together a plan to rectify these gaps or weaknesses in your culture. The TSI Culture Excellence programme doesn’t do this for you, but they will facilitate this with you. However, a Rolls Royce is expensive, so it comes at a cost it is the most expensive of the three options. If you’d like to learn more about the TSI Culture Excellence programme, just drop us an email on info@techni-k.co.uk and we’ll refer you on.


BRC food safety culture programme

BRC developed this with TSI to make it more affordable to a wider number of sites. So, this option is cheaper, but obviously it’s cheaper because you don’t get everything you would have got with the TSI Culture Excellence programme.

Rather than being able to build a bespoke survey, TSI and BRC have developed a set survey for you. And, you don’t get the cloud-based software so you can manipulate the data – rather instead, you are provided with a set formatted report of the results.

Then, as with the TSI Culture Excellence programme it’s up to your site to work through the results, identify the gaps or weaknesses and put plans in place to improve them.


Develop your own programme

With both the TSI Culture Excellence programme and the BRC food safety culture programme, we are trying to establish what the culture of the business is like, at all levels. So, if we make this really simple, that means we need to develop our own survey which employees at all levels can complete.

In order to ensure that employees feel that they can speak freely, the survey would need to be completed anonymously. But this is possible, using a simple survey tool, such as SurveyMonkey. This way you can build your own survey, without it costing a fortune and some options in these tools are even free!

What questions should you put in your survey?

Well, let’s think about what we’re trying to achieve. We want to know if the culture of the business, at all levels, is ‘good’. But what do we mean by a ‘good culture’? We have to be clear on this, in order to be able to ask our employees if they think the business is meeting the requirements of this ‘good culture’. If you want to understand what your business’ culture is, then we’ve covered that already here:  https://techni-k.co.uk/food-safety-quality-culture/

If you’d like a copy of our 10 culture survey questions, they’ll get you off to a good start – just pop your email address into the box below and we’ll send you a copy!

culture survey

To download of our 10 Culture Survey Questions, just complete the form below and we’ll email it to you. You will then be added to our BRC Culture list so we can update you about our solutions for this area of compliance within BRC Issue 8.

Please note, that doing a survey isn’t the only way of understanding what your culture is currently like.  You could choose to do something else, like a poll of questions in the canteen.  You can be as creative as you like – there’s no right or wrong way! If you’d like some help to put your culture plan together, we have an amazing pack that can help – it takes you through 5 simple steps for completion.

In the next article we’ll cover the changes to section 2 – HACCP. If you’ve got any questions or would like to share your knowledge about culture below, we’d love to hear from you! Just pop your comments in the reply box.

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