At the time of writing, there are only 3 days left until the go live date for issue 6! All audits from 1st Feb 2020 will be to the new Standard.

So, are you ready?

What’s changed

The biggest change to the Standard is that there is no longer a basic hygiene level and a high hygiene level. All of the requirements are now in one Standard, and it’s up to you to make sure you use risk assessment to determine what you need to do.

For high hygiene sites, this isn’t too much of an issue – you just need to focus on the changes from issue 5 to issue 6.

But for basic hygiene sites, not only do you have all the changes from issue 5 to issue 6 to deal with, but now you also need to deal with the requirements that were not applicable to you before. It doesn’t mean you have to implement them all, but it does mean you have to risk assess if you need to.

New sections

There are also a number of new sections that you need to work with;
site security is now site security and product defence, corrective and preventive action, environmental monitoring (although this has been applicable through the position statement (P558) from 1st Aug 2019 and then culture which is not effective until next year – 1st Feb 2021.

Understanding the changes

We’ve been writing articles about the changes since issue 6 was published and we will continue to do that for you, until we’ve covered all the relevant changes.

Here’s what we’ve covered already, if you want to go back and look…

General topics
Warning!!! If you’re a basic hygiene site – you must read this!
BRC Issue 6 Packaging Interpretation
BRC Packaging risk assessments galore – 46 to be exact!
Risk assessments for BRC Packaging Issue 6

Internal auditing
BRC Packaging internal audits for issue 6

Supplier approval
BRC Packaging Supplier Approval

Site security and product defence
Product defence and site security in Issue 6 – Get ready!

Environmental monitoring
P558 Position Statement – Environmental Monitoring
Environmental testing – what should I do?

Want to learn more?

We have developed a BRC Packaging Issue 5 to Issue 6 Conversion Course, so if you would like to learn more about the changes, this is the ideal solution for you.

Unlike BRC courses or courses provided by approved BRC training providers, our course covers not only the changes for high hygiene sites, but also the changes for basic hygiene sites. We also, don’t just tell you what the changes are, but we explain what they mean and more importantly, what you need to do about it to comply. There truly isn’t another course out there like ours.

You can also pick the training format that suits you too, we have the course in eLearning format, distance learning or if you like we can run a course in-house for you at your site – for up to 12 people.

Do you need to carry out a gap analysis?

If you just need to work out which of your systems you need to update to meet issue 6, we can help with this too. We have developed a gap analysis document, where we have interpreted the changes into simple to answer questions – so you can quickly and easily develop your action plan. We’ve even done one specifically for high hygiene sites and one for basic sites, so you don’t even need to work out which requirements apply to you.

What’s next?

For the topics we’ve not covered yet – we’ll be doing those in the coming weeks and months. If you have anything that you would like me to cover, then please either email me or drop your thoughts into the reply box below.

Just so you know – you can feel free to add your thoughts to these articles, without worrying. Although you need to add your name and email to your comments, only the team at Techni-K can see your email and we won’t share it with anyone.  You don’t need to use your real name – so feel free to make up an alter ego if you wish!

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